"Dragon Ball Super" fans have great news. The plot of the film has recently surfaced online. The synopsis of the film was shared by a fan on Twitter. The synopsis teases Freeza's real involvement in the film, and Broly's reasons for being on Earth, reports ComicBook.

Broly and the Dragon Ball storyline

One can read the whole synopsis of the film in the tweet below. In essence, Broly's grown into a fierce warrior and Freeza uses him in a clash with Vegeta and Goku who try to recover the lost Dragon Balls in the icy land. Freeza is definitely a huge enemy of the Saiyans and has been from the beginning.

Years before, he commanded an army that subjugated the Saiyans.

Second trailer of the film

The second trailer of the film was released last week. The trailer suggests that Broly will be reconnecting the Saiyan backgrounds as originally depicted in "Dragon Ball Z" and beyond. Meanwhile, before the premiere of "DBS," we saw Kakarott, also known as Goku, being found by his grandfather on Earth. In this new movie, we see Goku being sent to Earth by his parents. According to Comic Book, The newest trailer for the film ties together Goku, Vegeta, and Broly's origins more so than has ever been done in the series' past.

After the pictures we saw in the trailer we saw last week, they show a different origin of the Saiyajin breed. This poses a dilemma regarding the original anime, which at the time suggested that Goku was sent to Earth when he was still a newborn. At that time, nothing was said about his mother, a character who now appears in the video.

Currently, Goku looks a bit older.

Story of Gine

Goku was sent away by his parents, Bardock and Gine, to save his life from the impending destruction of the planet Vegeta, undertaken by Freezer and his henchmen. They did not hesitate to blow up the territory and kill the inhabitants. In this way, Goku managed to survive and shape life on planet Earth.

On the other hand, the relationship we remembered with Saiyajins was not so loving - on the contrary, they just joined together to reproduce.

The film about Broly is based on the manga "Dragon Ball Minus," a version that presents various facts that we knew before: especially the story of Gine, the mother of Goku. Plus, there's the battle of Freezer against Bardock, which Akira Toriyama has made clear was created at the request of Toei Animation. It has been drastically changed.

The changes do not just depend on Toriyama because it's a collaboration with Toei Animation. But we can not deny that, despite the changes, the film will be unstoppable and will certainly succeed at the box office - something not new in the universe of the series and films by Akira Toriyama . So right now we have to wait for the upcoming events in Broly's movie. Stay in touch with news about "Dragon Ball Super" by checking in with Blasting News often.