The latest updates and spoilers for "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" reveal Jean Grey's status and her relationship with the team at the Xavier Institute. Cast member Sophie Turner spoke to Entertainment Weekly (via Comic Book) about her character's direction in the film before she becomes the malevolent entity known as the Phoenix.

The sequel's director and writer, Simon Kinberg, revealed his reasons for why he rebooted the popular X-Men story arc. "Dark Phoenix" will take place in 1992, as the X-Men became national heroes after defeating Apocalypse and saving the whole world.

However, their biggest battle begins when they must face one of their own to save everyone from annihilation.

Sophie Turner on Jean Grey

According to Comic Book, Sophie Turner told EW that Jean, in the movie, has become one of the teachers at Xavier's School for the Gifted, as she helps young mutants to control and accept their abilities to become better. Turner also revealed that her loving relationship with Scott Summers (Cyclops) is going great and everything seems to be going well for her. However, everything goes haywire after Jean's encounter with the cosmic force.

The "Game of Thrones" actress stated that "Dark Phoenix" is a huge step up in the X-Men film franchise, as it pushes boundaries and raises the stakes high for an exciting and emotional roller coaster ride.

"It’s something we haven't done in the X-Men universe before. It pushes the boundaries, it raises the stakes and it’s really cool to take it a completely different direction because all of the X-Men Movies are on the ground or a villain starts s**t," Turner said. "It’s very intense and exciting."

Jean's experience will have the whole mutant team divided, which results in the death of a major character.

She will seek help from various characters, even Magneto.

Rebooting the Dark Phoenix saga

Simon Kinberg told Screen Rant, during the New York Comic Con event, that he had to reboot the popular comic book arc because they felt that the story did not do justice during the third X-Men film. He wanted to make the story about Jean and Jean only, not treating it like a glorified subplot.

The film's director and writer admitted that they have learned a lot from their mistakes in "The Last Stand" and promised comic book fans and moviegoers that it will be one of the most must-see films in the franchise. "Dark Phoenix" will premiere in cinemas on February 14, 2019.