''The Walking Dead'' sits at a major crossroad as the current season is creating a lot of buzz with its newest twists and turns. Andrew Lincoln leaving the show is a known fact for a while but Episode 4 of Season 9 finally gave us a hint on his possible way out.

With or without the charismatic Rick Grimes as part of its cast, ''The Walking Dead'' remains a captivating universe. The early stages of the current season unveiled that a new player is in town. Jadis was the emissary of the news as she seems to have been pursuing a side business.

According to Forbes.com, Rick Grimes's farewell party was set in motion when he fell off that white horse.

What we know about Andrew Lincoln and his departure from the show

At first, it was a rumor that hinted Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) could step off the stage. A British actor at his origin, Andrew Lincoln has been between the devil and the deep sea for far too long. His family resides in England, so things haven't been so great for him being forced to spend time away from his family.

Therefore, the decision to put his family first shouldn't come as a major surprise. Naturally, ''The Walking Dead'' came out in the second place.

Recently, ''The Walking Dead'' cast paid an emotional farewell for their colleague.

According to hollywoodreporter.com, Rick Grimes is almost done as a character in the show.

Episode 4 finale saw Rick trying to escape a zombie herd. When another one appeared to have blocked his escape route, his horse became nervous eventually causing Rick's tragic impalement scene.

Conveniently placed or not, that piece of steel seems to be the death bringer for Rick Grimes character.

When Season 9 started, it was known that at some point, Andrew Lincoln will leave the party.

Now, it seems that that particular time has arrived. Rick Grimes's brutal accident can be watched in the video below.

Rick Grimes remains the key figure of the show

Rick Grimes ended up being accidentally impaled will probably end up as the key scene of the whole Season 9 narrative. The show's most important character since its beginning, Rick's departure will produce some changes.

Without his authority around, Maggie and Daryl are the next in line to share the burden of power.

Back to Andrew Lincoln, this actor gave almost everything for this show and, in the end, it really paid off. He became a prominent figure in the TV series landscape. While his on-set colleagues already expressed their thoughts on his departure, Andrew Lincoln will remain a key figure in ''The Walking Dead''.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse, he managed to keep together an eclectic group of survivors. Moreover, he never stopped until they all got a purpose, a solid foundation on which a new society could thrive.