5 Twitter reactions to The Walking Dead finding a new developer

Telltale Games announced it has partnered with Skybound in order to finish The Walking Dead.


Telltale announced Skybound games will work on finishing the game

The announcement that "The Walking Dead" the final season will be finished by Skybound games was announced at the New York City Comic Con on Saturday night. The announcement was certainly a surprise for those who thought it likely wouldn't be finished.


Some aren't thrilled former Telltale devs might not be involved

Several fans aired some real problems with the game being finished unless the developers who started it get to see a cut of the money.


They want a physical release

One tweet, asking for there to be a physical release of the final season of "The Walking Dead" got more than 400 likes. In response to that tweet, Telltale posted a simple winky face, so it appears that request is going to be fulfilled.


Some thought it was divine providence

There were more than a few fans of the series that literally felt as though their prayers were answered when they saw the news.


Others were reduced to screaming

Some people wrote about their happiness. Other people just showed their enthusiasm by "internet yelling."

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