''This Is Us'' is back in the business as the third season had its premiere a while ago, on September 25. Although there were barely three episodes aired out of the whole chunk, the premises are looking incredibly solid.

A while ago, Dan Fogelman, the show's creator, stated out loud that this season was deemed to be a bit lighter in terms of emotional input a viewer would have to acclimate to. Although there were no dramatic scenes yet, the whole narration build-up indicates toward an imminent climax.

As things stand at the moment, the early Jack and Rebecca thing sits on a scale while the other one is divided between Kevin, Randall, and Kate and the issues they have to sort through on a daily basis.

While Kate and Randall are having their own particular goals ( giving birth to a child and a possible run in an election), Kevin is following a different path as his obsession about his father's past becomes a primary goal.

Who might help Kevin learn more about Jack Pearson

The latest episode had Kevin working his way to put together every piece of information he might have had on Jack. Gathering some picture altogether on a billboard with a huge headline called ''Vietnam'' is all he managed to accomplish.

Then, an unexpected helping hand stepped in as Zoe seems eager to be involved in an endeavor of such magnitude. Moreover, her decision signaled that she might be ready to have a real relationship with Kevin, which is totally opposed to what they had previously agreed.

That being said, Kevin and Zoe are digging up some email address belonging to a Vietnam War veteran and that email sent and received is all that this puzzle has to offer for the time being.

Let's remember one of the final scenes of Season 2 that had Kevin and Zoe in a plane about to land in Vietnam. We can only assume that whatever information they may have received made that trip worthy in the first place.

According to countryliving.com, it was that NPR's Terry Gross who, without previously knowing the full context, was curious to know if Kevin drew some inspiration from the known fact of his father being a Vietnam veteran. That interview might act as an extra incentive for Kevin.

Kevin still has an unfinished chapter on his father

At 38 years of age and more than 20 years since Jack Pearson passed away due to a smoke-inhalation-induced heart attack, Kevin Pearson can hardly say that he made peace with the past and with the memory of his father.

That crisis was obvious throughout the whole Season 2, and although it made him reach rock bottom emotionally, it also helped him pushing forward. That sitcom puppy image has been washed away in the eve of his debut as a movie star in ''Hill 400''. According to vulture.com, his successful debut as a movie star might earn Kevin an Oscar nomination for his role.

This whole Vietnam investigation is also perfect to introduce that long-awaited chapter of his Jack Pearson's life.

The time he served in Vietnam is important simply because we would have the chance to explore Jack in relation with his brother and all those events that shaped the subsequent Jack that went on to marry Rebecca.