''This Is Us'' is set to return later this month with the third chapter of the journey started back in the autumn of 2016. Season 3 premiere is expected to at least hint on the future directions the show might take.

While one might find it difficult to sort through that cluster filled with narrative twists and turns, one might need a special pair of glasses to focus on- Jack Pearson and that Vietnam War experience.

According to an article published on EW.com, Season 3 could be the moment when we might learn a thing or two about Jack's most secret part of life.

That would also influence our optics when it comes to his post-war transformation.

How much do we know about Jack's adventure in Vietnam War?

When Season 2 finale was done and dusted, the perspective of knowing more about Jack Pearson's past experiences went some of us to go over the roof. It all became even better when Kevin (Dustin Hartley) was pictured in a plane about to land in the South-East Asia country.

But when it comes to hard cold facts, we know very little about Jack Pearson's experiences and traumas (potentially) dating back from the Vietnam War.

''This Is Us'' creator Dan Fogelman was the one who managed to stir things up, a while ago, by letting out a short clip to create a significant buzz on Twitter.

On top of that, it seems that in order to pursue a more veridic pathway, Season 3 will have some scenes shot in Vietnam. This would definitely help the authenticity case. According to Bustle.com, Milo Ventimiglia also confirmed that they're going to record some scenes in Vietnam.

Dan Fogelman's latest tweet let us know that the crew has steamrolled into filming Season 3.

The pre-season special has already hit the airwaves which means we're now in a straight line heading to Season 3 Episode 1.

Jack Pearson's Vietnam War experience will dig into another dark chapter

For a ''This Is Us'' enthusiast is no longer a secret that Jack Pearson had a brother called Nicky. Throughout the first two seasons, we managed to collect almost zero pieces of information on him.

What we know for a fact is that Jack and Nicky had a close relationship, they both had to endure an abusive father and they served in the Vietnam War.

When Season 3 debate started, Dan Fogelman introduced a new name into the mix. Michael Angarano joined ''This Is Us'' family and will play Nicky character.

Although we all assumed Nicky died out during the war, the whole puzzle is far from being solved as this show has created itself a name for being hard to read through its lines.