New spoilers for "The Flash" Season 7 reveal the return of the speedster villains in the show. "Final Destination" actor Tony Todd told DC World (via Screen Rant) during an interview that he will return to voice season 2 villain Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) in the show's 100th episode along with Eobard Thawne (Reverse-Flash), Savitar and more.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim shared a new behind-the-scenes photo for the "Elseworlds" crossover showing the addition of another Batman setting, Arkham Asylum. Season 5 will feature Team Flash stopping a new villain, Cicada, from hunting and killing metahumans around Central City with the help of Nora West-Allen and Harrison "Sherloque" Wells.

The evil speedsters are back

According to Screen Rant, Tony Todd told DC World that all of the evil speedsters from the show will return during its 100th episode and teased that they all have some unfinished business with Barry Allen.

Barry has fought five speedster villains in the show and three of them became the main villains from past seasons. These villains are Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Savitar, Trajectory, and The Rival. Reverse-Flash and Zoom were responsible for the deaths of Barry's parents. Eobard Thawne killed his mother when he was a child, while Zoom killed his father in front of him.

Savitar is an evil time remnant of Barry Allen who wants to kill Iris West in order to secure his existence in history.

Trajectory gain her powers from Velocity 9 but it drove her crazy and The Rival is a speedster from the "Flashpoint" timeline.

Aside from the evil speedsters, "Ant-Man and The Wasp" actor David Dastmalchian told Comic that he wants to reprise his role as Abra Kadabra in the 100th episode.

"You know The Flash is creeping up on their 100th episode soon," Dastmalchian said.

"And I think that Abra Kadabra should show up and finally teach old Barry a lesson for once."

Arkham Asylum teased in Elseworlds crossover

According to Heroic Hollywood, Marc Guggenheim posted a photo for Arkham Asylum in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover. Guggenheim stated that fans should expect a lot of easter eggs during the event.

Arkham Asylum is one of the infamous places in Gotham City and it houses some of the most dangerous and insane criminals that Batman has ever faced. Previous reports revealed that Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist shared other bts photos featuring Ruby Rose's Batwoman and several types of equipment from the Asylum. Superman, Lois Lane, and John Wesley Shipp's Flash will also be featured in the crossover.