''Better Call Saul'' is done and dusted with all that Season 4 had to deliver. Episode 10 of Season 4 brought up some unexpected turns as both Jimmy McGill and Mike Ehrmantraut had to deal with their own messes.

Watching this season's finale, one would easily state that what was initially intended to be a spin-off turned out as a self-sustaining piece; a TV series that has all the attributes to follow its own path. Of course, it's all headed towards that ''Breaking Bad'' atmosphere but ''Better Call Saul'' has already surpassed expectations.

With that in mind, Season 4 finale is out for scrutiny and that last piece of the season added so much to the original puzzle.

Breaking Bad Saul Goodman is replacing Jimmy McGill

Unable to practice law for more than a year, Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) fought hard to keep his head above the water. A shady prepaid cellphones business entered him into the easy-to-win-money world and from that point on, it became clear that he was willing to cut corners in order to achieve his goals.

That motivational speech he freely provided to a young schoolgirl is brutal and raw evidence of how Jimmy looks at the world. That ''The winner takes it all'' philosophy is solidly anchored to that of the ''The end justifies the means.'' machiavellian quote.

Finally, the season ends with Jimmy taking back his law license at the end of what one can describe as being the ultimate manipulation play.

According to cinemablend.com, this is the moment when we finally got to see Jimmy morphing into Saul Goodman.

In case you missed that brilliantly structured scene, you can rewatch it in the video below.

This scene has the power to shift the whole Jimmy&Kim dynamic. Although it seemed their relationship was back in steadier waters, the reality shows that Kim and Jim are slowly but steadily drifting away from one another.

Mike Ehrmantraut is cleaning his own mess

A guy who usually doesn't make friends at all, Mike had a moment of weakness when it came to that German engineer Werner Ziegler. But that came within inches of costing him, and Gus Fring by extension, the whole underground-cooking lab operation.

In the end, Mike had to act like he had just another day at the office.

Struggling to put his feelings aside, he killed Ziegler not before making all the necessary arrangements so that the engineer's wife would be put out of the harm's way.

Along the way, Season 4 made an interesting addition as Lalo, a Salamanca member, appeared on the radar. According to Vulture.com, adding Lalo into the mix might set drugs-cartel powderkeg into flames. Gus Fring and Mike are aware of this new player's arrival. Therefore, it would be interesting to follow closely what appears to be an inevitable clash of interests.