Its been an interesting time in Stan Lee's life. Claims of elder abuse at the hands of his daughter J.C have surfaced, citing an incident in 2014. According to the report, Bradley J. Herman, Lee's former business manager, recalled the incident in question, claiming J.C. forcefully grabbed Lee's wife by the arm and threw her into a window, before coming over to Lee himself and slamming his head against the back of the chair he was seated in. Lee stated in a document that his daughter would charge upwards of $20,000 dollars plus on credit cards each month and would often whine and cry if she did not receive money from Lee.

This seemed to only be further backed by a notarized document presented by Lee's then-attorney Tom Lallas this year.

The document in question

According to this notarized document (found in the Hollywood Reporter) which is allegedly signed by Lee himself, there are recounts of abuse and conspiracy. In the declaration, Lee accused three men, Jerardo “Jerry” Olivarez (Lee’s primary caregiver at the time), Keya Morgan (Lee’s current primary caregiver) and Kirk Schenck (J.C. Lee’s attorney) of attempting to control Lee's daughter J.C. in order to gain assets and money. This seemed almost too crazy and ridiculous to be real. Could something this serious and insidious be happening to Stan Lee or is it simply an elaborate attempt to ruin Lee's reputation and destroy everything he's built?

In a recent video released by Stan Lee, he claimed that all of this was a false narrative and he had to set the record straight.

Stan Lee's video

During the three minute video, Lee states that what Tom Lallas has claimed is not true. He doesn't understand how someone could blatantly lie about something as important to him as his daughter.

He cannot believe how someone could put out something like this, and millions of people see it, read it, and believe it. He states that Keya Morgan (primary caregiver and camera-person) is great, and that they're best friends. He and his daughter have a wonderful relationship and he knows who his enemies are now.

However, many believe there is a darker and more sinister side to this video.

Some say it seems like he's being forced to record this video and he is really being abused. Especially when Lee states that Morgan (one of the people accused of abusing him/forcing his daughter to get money) is the one recording the video for him. Could Stan Lee be held against his will?

Watching the video over and over it's hard for me to have a definitive answer myself. I can see it as an honest, heartfelt plea to leave his daughter and him alone, especially after recently losing his wife. Although, something about it does seem strange and forced. It's hard to say either way and maybe we'll find out eventually. As of now, though, the supposed document with Lee's signature seems to be false.