The latest updates and potential spoilers for the live-action "Shazam" movie reveal new details on Superman's appearance. A Twitter page stated that Henry Cavill's character will appear in the movie as part of a "contract obligation." The film's main star, Zachary Levi, shared his experience at playing Billy Batson's alter-ego in the film during an interview with Entertainment Tonight (via Comic "Shazam" will feature teenage orphan, Billy Batson, transforming into a super-powered adult, after meeting the ancient wizard, Shazam. Billy will struggle to learn how to use his newfound abilities properly while receiving help from his foster brother/best friend, Freddy Freeman.

Superman cameo happening soon

According to Fan Fest News, The Nerd Rage Podcast stated that Henry Cavill will suit up as the Man of Steel, once again, in the "Shazam" movie as a contractual obligation. Warner Bros. Pictures stated before that they have no plans, yet, for Superman in the future projects for the DC Extended Universe, putting Cavill's status on hold. The tweeted post also revealed that Superman's appearance will be a cameo and it will happen in the film's post-credits scene.

The film's teaser trailer featured several Easter Eggs of DC superheroes, and one of them is newspaper cutouts of Superman saving the day.

Perhaps more superhero references will be featured in the next trailer, complete with updated graphics, VFX, and superhero suit.

Zachary Levi on playing Shazam

"Chuck" TV series star, Zachary Levi, shared his experience on becoming a superhero in the "Shazam" movie, as he told ET that he was "geeking out" on the opportunity to play the beloved DC hero on the big screen.

"There’s a couple of those moments. There was one where it was like this mist and fog and I’m standing up like this big strong heroic pose and the light from my chest was like shining through the mist and it felt really cool in the moment," Levi said.

Levi also admitted that he never thought of being cast as the older Billy Batson, after he heard that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been cast to play his future nemesis, Black Adam.

He added that he was intrigued by Billy's character and sees a lot in him, which was fun for him to explore and give it life. Levi previously hinted that Billy will someday join the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more, in the Justice League sequels. The "Shazam" film will premiere in cinemas on April 5, 2019.