The mystery began to heat up on Wednesday's episode of “Riverdale” as Betty and Jughead continue the hunt for the Gargoyle King and discovered clues leading them to a game. The couple discovers Dilton and his friend Ben weren't the only two playing the game “Gryphons & Gargoyles.”

When they learn of a missing boy they know he's connected which sends them to Ethel, who was dating Ben, for answers. A late night search in the woods brought them face to face with a masked figure resembling a drawing of the Gargoyle King. Fortunately for them, the Gargoyle didn't seem to be too anxious to catch them.

Riverdale's cutest couple were lead into a mysterious bunker Dilton had out in the woods where they found the missing boy and the revelation that the ritual Jughead witnessed was from the game. The clues offered in the bunker included cards and a concoction of cyanide and Fresh Aid responsible for the blue lips Ben and Dilton had.

This led the couple to come up with a new theory about the obsessive players and the game. When they went back to visit Ben in the hospital, they found him not only awake but sitting in the window where he prolonged his plans to join Dilton right before he jumped. This is only the beginning of shocking events "Riverdale" has in store for fans.

'Riverdale' parents share a secret

The most shocking reveal wasn't a result of Jughead and Betty's sleuthing, but a scene with every parent together in a room sharing a united front. The parents aren't without their drama, mostly caused by their own actions, which was seen several times in the first two seasons. It mostly focused on with the arrival of Hiram and his criminal enterprise, and with Hal Cooper being revealed as the Black Hood.

If it's one thing the parents always agree on it's they're never all on the same side. Fred Andrews, Hermione and Hiram Lodge, F.P. Jones, Penelope Blossom, ex-Sheriff Tom Keller, Alice Cooper, and ex-mayor Sierra McCoy gathered together in the mayor's office and for the first time since the series began were all on the same side.

As the parents discussed the situation with Dilton and Ben, their fear about a mistake they made in high school is what drew focus from the dangerous Gargoyle King. The cryptic discussion gave zero answers, but "Riverdale" won't wait around to reveal just what the parents did. In a couple of weeks, the series will air a special flashback episode.

Cast set to portray parents in a flashback episode

Riverdale” will explore what the parents did through a flashback episode where fans will get to see Archie and his friends like never before. The cast will portray younger versions of their parents. TV Line shared sneak peek photos from the CW for the episode entitled “The Midnight Club” which finds KJ Apa (with dark hair), Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Madelaine Petsch, Ashleigh Murray, and Casey Cott portraying their respective parents in a variety of attire that channels their parents' pasts.

The episode will explore what connects the parents to the game of “Gryphons & Gargoyles” and uncover the event they would want to keep silent.

The actor cast in the role of younger Hiram is Mark Consuelos' real-life son Michael Consuelos. A sneak peek photo released by TV Insider showed Consuelos in character along with Charles Melton who is portraying a younger Marty Mantle, Reggie's dad. Also featured in the episode is the return of Trevor Stines who previously played Jason Blossom and is back to play a younger Clifford Blossom. The episode airs on November 7.

Mysterious new character to befriend Betty

The October 17 episode of “Riverdale” introduced fans to Evelyn Evernever the daughter of Edgar Evernever.

Edgar is the leader of the Farm where Alice and older daughter Polly seemed to have found their peaceful new existence and won't make an appearance until later. Evelyn is described as being otherworldly and omnipresent with dark secrets she keeps hidden.

Madchen Amick shared at NYCC the new character will make an impact on the students at the high school and teased Edgar's presence will cause some drama. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased to Seventeen bad things will start to happen and Evelyn will be spotted in the background of these situations which was seen in Wednesday's episode when she hung back while Betty and Jughead sought help for Ethel. The character will be eager to make friends with Betty and a potentially new threat.

The episode is entitled “As Above, So Below” and will also feature the debut of Veronica's speakeasy. The episode airs next Wednesday, October 24.