Given his vital role in the fight against the Night King, the resurrection of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) by Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) can easily be considered as the most important moment in "Game of Thrones" history. But the truth is that the scene itself lacked suspense. Because the minute we saw Melisandre in that room, performing an ancient magic ritual, there was no doubt that Jon Snow would soon open his eyes. And so he did. Then, after a bit of back and forth, Jon was ready to resume his role as the honorable hero that he most definitely is.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Well, according to Reddit user MrSilenceT, there is more to Jon Snow's resurrection than meets the eye, and the scene is anything but straightforward. As a matter of fact, it's more important than people realize. As such, MrSilenceT states, the scene will certainly come into play at one point during "Game of Thrones" Season 8. But when it does, it's going to involve someone who, according to this theory, is the most important character in the whole story. One and only, Brandon "Bran" Stark (Isaac Hempstead). Now, let's provide some context, shall we?

The magic behind Jon Snow's resurrection

In my "The Night King will save mankind" article, I talked about how the Night King will win the Battle at Winterfell that will most likely take place in "Game of Thrones" Season 8 Episode 3.

The most important players, however, will be able to survive and escape on the back of a dragon.

At one point, Bran Stark will go to the Isle of Faces where he will connect to the main Weirwood tree. His goal will be to go back in time in order to gather as much information as possible on how to defeat the Night King. And so he goes back in time when Lord of Light's magic was the strongest, the resurrection of Jon Snow.

With that in mind, Bran patiently waits and observes as Melisandre performs the magic ritual. Check out the scene down below.

As you can see, Melisandre spoke all the words, but for a full two minutes, nothing happened. It wasn't until everyone except Ghost left the room that Jon Snow finally opened his eyes and gasped for air.

MrSilenceT thinks that these two minutes weren't there just for the sake of building up the tension. The goal was something else. With that said, let's see what really happened.

Bran's role in Jon Snow's revival

According to this theory, it was during the two minutes between the end of a magic ritual and Jon's actual revival that Bran Stark figured out that even if the Lord of Light exists, he doesn't seem to care about Jon's life. So Bran tries to resurrect the man himself and succeeds.

"At this very moment, Bran realized there was no Lord of Light," MrSilenceT writes, "or if there was, he wasn't the one resurrecting people that would help with the war against the dead. He was."

Do you think Bran had something to do with Jon Snow's revival? Do you think he is the Lord of Light? Let me know in the comments below.