Michael Caine is a versatile actor and his portrayal of the 76-year-old mastermind in the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company heist will thrill the audience. It all happened in the heart of London and the robbers, in their 60s and 70s, decamped with a huge loot of diamonds, jewellery and whatever else they could lay their hands on. The total plunder was collectively valued in millions.

New Zealand Herald reports that the Hatton Garden affair in London was not only the biggest ever burglary but was also the most ingenious one. The team made use of unthinkable methods to bypass security measures and gain entry into the highly secure vaults.

Initially, there were fears that it was the handiwork of some international gangs but the truth was stranger than fiction.

The Hatton Garden heist came as a surprise

King of Thieves” draws inspiration from a true story. The heist happened on 2015 Easter weekend. Members of the gang went down a lift shaft of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company. They then drilled a nearly two-foot thick wall of the vault to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

That way, they evaded the security cordon. The enormity of the burglary and the method adopted surprised the authorities.

Suspicion fell on the involvement of foreigners. However, it turned out to be the handiwork of old criminals who used to belong to London’s East End.

Michael Caine portrays the role of Brian Reader, the 76-year-old gang leader. His associates were small timers and an aged lot who had never attempted any robbery of such a magnitude.

Their ignorance of modern day gadgets like CCTV or internet search histories brought about their downfall.

They had been conversing while on the job, and concealed devices in the vault had captured their conversation. That was their undoing. Michael Caine has done memorable roles in Movies like “The Italian Job”, “Get Carter and “The Cider House Rules” and “King of Thieves” will add another feather to his cap.

More about the movie

According to Variety, “King of Thieves” has already released in the U.K. and grossed more than $7 million. Saban Films has bought the distribution rights for the U.S. and this crime drama of James Marsh is set for release next year.

The movie stars Michael Caine along with Jim Broadbent, Tom Courtenay, Michael Gambon, Ray Winstone, and Charlie Cox. Its producers include Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner while Joe Penhall takes the credit for the script. Saban Films is upbeat about this different type of film about a jewellery heist gone wrong.