Spoilers for "The Bold and the Beautiful" tease that Steffy's actions of goodwill and forgiveness are not completely pure. Last week she hired Zoe to model for her Intimates line and on Monday did the same for Xander. In spite of their turbulent history, Steffy also brought Sally on board as a designer. Spoiler alerts indicate that these recent choices are more about sticking it to her rival for Liam's affections than advancing careers. Hope was brutal to Sally and said she would never use Ms. Spectra's designs. Now, Steffy will have Sally front and center, which makes Hope look petty.

Ms. Logan will also be troubled to know that Xander and Zoe are working with her nemesis.

Intimates will triumph over Hope for the Future

She Knows Soaps indicates that Sally and Steffy have big plans for Xander and they began on September 18. The two women walked in on him as he was dressing at Forrester, and Steffy asked him to take off his shirt. Both she and Sally admired his physique and Ms. Forrester asked him to model for her Intimates line. It seemed like a simple business decision but Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that it is really about attempting to triumph over Hope by taking her employees.

Hope has decreased funding and three of her crew will be working for her rival. It looks like Steffy plans to wipe Hope for the Future off the map.

Xander modeling for Intimates alongside Zoe in racy lingerie will please his ex but is certainly going to cause Emma to be outraged. He promised Steffy he could handle it but viewers know there will be fireworks in this love triangle.

Steffy embracing Sally makes Hope seem petty

CDL says that Hope will be burned by Steffy's actions and be made to seem petty for her disparaging treatment of Sally.

The spoilers say that tempers will flare and Hope will let Steffy know she is not in agreement with Ms. Spectra designing for Forrester. Ms. Logan will also have to deal with the fact that Steffy is seeing the potential in Xander and Sally that she did not acknowledge. Xander is being upgraded from a flunky intern to a model and Sally from gopher to designer

CDL spoilers say Steffy will make it absolutely clear to Hope that she is the boss and her recent decisions may seal the deal.

Now that Xander will be modeling and Sally's designs will be front and center, Intimates will soar, Steffy will triumph, and Hope's future aspirations may be destroyed.

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