New spoilers for the live-action "Aquaman" movie reveal two important flashback scenes for Jason Momoa's character, Arthur Curry. The film's production designer, Bill Brzeski explained the significance of these scenes during an interview with Cinemablend, and how it will affect Arthur's current status within the story.

There is also an extended fight scene between Arthur and Black Manta in the film's first TV spot. "Aquaman" takes place after the events of "Justice League" as Mera recruits Arthur to come to Atlantis and save it from his haft-brother Orm (Ocean Master) who's instigating a war between them and the surface world.

Arthur's origin and training

Bill Brzeski told Cinemblend that "Aquaman" will feature two flashback scenes from Arthur Curry's childhood and as a teenager. The childhood flashback reveals Arthur's unconscious use of his powers when the sharks and other sea creatures rally to defend him when he gets bullied at the aquarium.

The second flashback will have an older Arthur slowly learning what he is and how his powers work after a near death experience. He discovers that he can breathe underwater and his father, Thomas, told him the truth about his lineage.

"It's a very traumatic scene. It's like a real scene where somebody drowns. We're shooting it actually underwater in a tank here, and he survives," Brzerksi said.

"He gets home, and said, 'Dad, what's going on? Come on.' So then the father starts to tell him a little bit about who he is, and they find a [quindent] in the house."

These flashback scenes will be the key ingredients that shaped Arthur's destiny as both the king of Atlantis and savior of two worlds.

New TV spot streamed

According to MovieWeb, the "Aquaman" TV spot revealed an extended land battle between Arthur Curry and the film's secondary villain, Black Manta.

Arthur, along with Mera are searching for the King Atlan's Trident and the found new information inside a tomb in the Sahara desert. Black Manta's equipment is provided by Orm and wants his nemesis dead for killing his father.

The Trident allows the wielder to have dominion over the sea creatures and unite the seven tribes of Atlantis.

Both Arthur and Orm want the Trident to prove their birthright as the next king of Atlantis. Orm will use its power to command the biggest army in the seven seas and jumpstart his campaign against the surface. TV spot also featured Arthur being called "Fish Man" at a bar and showed him in chains in front of his brother.

"Aquaman" will premiere in cinemas on December 21.