It looks like "The Young and the Restless" is about to end the mystery of who Jack Abbott's biological father is. Spoiler alerts tease that the reveal will cause Victor Newman to revisit his painful past. Through the process of elimination, viewers know that Stuart Brookes, Victor, and Phillip Chancellor are not Dina's baby daddy. This week, Nel Fenmore will be ruled out as well. This leaves only one individual who could be Jack's real father, and it indicates he has a blood connection to the man in Genoa City he hates the most. Abby's appeal for help will lead to the discovery that her father and her uncle are in actuality half-brothers.

Jack and Abby uncover the truth

On Friday (September 7), Laureen told Jack that one of the men, in the photo, in his hand, is her father, Neil Fenmore. Had he turned out to be Dina's baby daddy, this would make Jack half-brother to both Lauren and Jill. Longtime "Y&R" viewers know Jack and Jill once had an affair, so if this lead pans out, they would have committed incest. Soaps She Knows spoilers say Lauren and Jack will consider the ramifications of their possible relationship on Monday (September 10).

Thankfully, Soap Hub spoilers state this will turn out to be a dead end, which leaves only one other possibility. If the photo causes Victor to revisit his past, then one of the men in the picture must be his dad, Albert Miller.

With all the other players ruled out, and the timeline not being right for Victor to be Jack's father, it seems plausible that Dina had an affair with Albert Miller and Victor and Jack are siblings. Abby will then be responsible for uncovering the truth that her father and her uncle are half-brothers. With spoilers giving no other candidates, it looks like Miller will end up being Ms.

Mergeron's baby daddy. Rey also arrested Nick for using JT's credit cards.

Dina's dalliance has long-term consequences

Victor and Jack have spent decades fighting in business, and also their personal lives. They are forever intertwined, however, because their families continue to overlap. Abby's mother Ashley is Jack's sister.

If Albert is Dina's baby daddy, then Jack would be Abby's uncle on both the Newman and Abbott sides of the family. Jack is an uncle of Katie and Johnny because Billy is their dad. He would now also be their great uncle if Victor is his sibling. He will also have done to Victor what Billy did to him, which is have an affair with his brother's wife. Rumors also hint that Adam and Chelsea may return to Genoa City.

Unless some new information comes forth, it looks like Albert Miller will be Dina's baby daddy, and Jack and Victor will have the ultimate irony come upon them. Two men who hate each other with a passion will now find they are related by blood. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update this storyline, and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ET.