Longtime viewers of "The Young and the Restless" are crying foul over recent decisions made in Genoa City. Doug Davidson, who has portrayed Paul Williams for 40 years, said he has been let go from the daytime drama. Davidson said he has been on recurring status since January and has only two episodes left that will air. The soap vet says he has not been called in to tape any scenes and believes he was pushed out of the way because the show is headed in a new direction. On Friday newcomer Rey Rosales was seen sitting in Paul's chair and fans are outraged.

No one can believe CBS would allow this to happen to someone who has made the show what it is.

Rey spells the handwriting on the wall for Paul

Rey Rosales came to Genoa City about a month ago and it was later revealed that Paul had hired him as the new head detective. Viewers took note that Rey was always on screen but his superior was not. Soaps She Knows says that the loyal fans believe Doung Davidson was given a dirty deal and an earlier spoiler indicated that Davidson's supporters were calling for the "Y&R" head writer, Mal Young to be fired.

Spoilers also revealed that soap veteran Eric Braeden who portrays Victor tweeted his disgust at what happened to Doug Davidson and has taken a month-long leave of absence from the show.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates there will soon be drama with Kyle and Victor so it's not clear when Braeden's last episodes will be shown. Paul was on screen Friday to chastise Rey for arresting Nick during the Dark Horse launch, so that may have been one of his final two episodes.

Y&R fans demand their pound of flesh for Paul

Soap fans are loyal and longtime characters who come into the home for decades seem like family. Paul Williams, however, has been reduced to every now and then having a scene with his wife Christine at the office or in a courtroom. Rey, on the other hand, came to Genoa City where his brother Arturo is living, and his sister Lola just showed up.

Introducing new characters is one thing but viewers are demanding their pound of flesh after seeing Mr. Rosales sitting in Paul's chair.

This is the ultimate insult to both a character and his portrayer who have given four decades to "The Young and the Restless." Doung Davidson deserves much better but its obvious things are changing in Genoa City. The CBS soap recently allowed talented actress Mishael Morgan, who portrayed Hilary to leave the show rather than give her a raise. Stay tuned as there will no doubt be additional spoiler updates related to the fates of Victor and Paul.