The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal a new power for Barry Allen to unlock in the show. TV series star Grant Gustin told Fansided (via Screen Rant) that he is excited to show off his character's new skill and it will pay homage to the Flash comics.

E! News also revealed a new poster for the upcoming season featuring whole the West-Allen family. The fifth season will focus on Barry and Iris West-Allen helping their future daughter, Nora, get back home after she altered several events in the present timeline. They will also encounter a new main villain named Cicada, who wants to eradicate every metahuman in Central City.

The West-Allen family portrait

E! News posted the new poster of the fifth season of "The Flash" on their official website and sees Barry, Iris, Nora together like a family portrait. The poster also revealed Nora's full superhero costume after many photos of her in the suit were leaked online.

Nora takes the codename XS and becomes the protector of Central City in the future. She first shows up at Barry and Iris's wedding in the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover and has made several cameo appearances in the second haft of season 4. She then fully reveals herself to her parents and Team Flash and askes for their help to get back home after she made several mistakes that altered the timeline and affects her future.

Cast member Jessica Parker Kennedy stated at San Diego Comic-Con that Nora is hiding many secrets during the course of the story and they will be explored one by one in each episode.

Barry's new power teased in season 5

According to Screen Rant, Grant Gustin stated that Barry will learn a new power in season 5 and he is very excited to showcase that ability in an awesome action scene.

"We’ve got an action sequence in [season 5]. It’s something straight out of the comics that I read in 2013 when I was shooting Arrow and dreaming of stuff we could do someday on Flash," Gustin told Fansided. "We’re doing something I thought we would never be able to do. There’s a really cool action sequence."

While Gustin did not reveal the name of the new Flash ability, Screen Rant theorized that it could be the Speed Vortex.

The Speed Vortex allows Barry to create Speed Force Tunnels that can be used as projectiles or allow himself to levitate and fly through the air by propelling his arms at a high velocity.

The show already showcased some of Barry's classic move sets such as sonic punch, lightning throw, and Flash Time. The fifth season of "The Flash" will premiere on October 9 on the CW Network.