Maci Bookout appears to have shaded her former co-star, Farrah Abraham, on Instagram. Months after Abraham was fired from "Teen Mom OG" after refusing to quit her adult entertainment ventures, Bookout met her new co-stars (Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd) for the first time and seemed to suggest that the new ladies were much better for the show than her former co-star.

"Awesome day working with these beauties," Bookout wrote in the caption of a cast photo shared to her Instagram page on September 10, also adding the hashtags #TMOGFamily and #TwoIsBetterThanOne.

In Bookout's second hashtag, as revealed by In Touch Weekly magazine, the longtime reality star and mother of three seemed to take aim at Abraham. Although she didn't mention Abraham by name, Bookout made a point to say that her two new co-stars -- who were added to "Teen Mom OG" over the summer -- were better than the one she had previously.

Maci Bookout thinks that anybody is better than Farrah Abraham

After news first broke of Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin's additions to the MTV series, Bookout made an appearance on Kailyn Lowry's podcast series "Coffee Convos" with her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley. During the appearance, Bookout said that while she didn't care that the ladies were hired to join her on the show, she would have appreciated a heads-up about the issue before MTV chose to release the news to fans.

"We were never called before it was released," Maci Bookout revealed to the "Teen Mom 2" cast member. "A courtesy call an hour before, call us and say 'This is who your new cast member is going to be.' We have been doing this for 10 years," she explained. Bookout then added that she didn't blame her two new co-stars for wanting to join the hit show.

"If someone is presented with the opportunity, you can't be mad at someone for accepting an opportunity," she noted. Plus, she added: "Anybody is better than Farrah!"

Maci Bookout nearly quit when Farrah Abraham returned to 'Teen Mom' years ago

During a past season of "Teen Mom," when the show returned as the "OG" series after a brief hiatus, Maci Bookout told her producers that she did not want to be featured on the show with someone who has worked in the adult industry.

She later decided to return to the show but said she didn't want her son, nine-year-old Bentley Edwards, to be seen on the show.

The eighth season of "Teen Mom OG" premieres on October 1 at 9PM on MTV.