The latest updates and spoilers for "Spider-Man: Far From Home" reveal a new theory surrounding Jessica Drew's (Spider-Woman) role in the movie and her connections with former S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Nick Fury.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explains why the "Spidey" sequel is not a prequel to the events of "Avengers: Infinity War." The story of the new movie is set after the events of "Avengers 4" as Peter Parker and his friends will go on a European tour sponsored by Stark Industries. Their trip is soon interrupted by Quintin Beck (Mysterio), whole steals Tony Stark's last invention, and Peter took it upon himself to stop him.

Jessica's role in the MCU

Jessica Drew in "Spider-Man: Far From Home" has been described as an MI6 agent who is tracking down Mysterio after his theft in Stark Industries. She works alongside Spider-Man to stop Beck's schemes during the course of the movie.

However, Screen Rant theorized that Jessica not an actual MI6 agent, but an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who is working for Nick Fury. In the Marvel comics, Jessica has strong ties with S.H.I.E.L.D. after they rescued her from the clutches of the infamous terrorist group, HYDRA. She has used her special abilities to help them in their operations to make the world a safer place. She even became a double agent to uncover HYDRA's most diabolical plans.

It is unknown if Jessica from the MCU will have the same spider-like powers as her comic book counterpart.

It was previously reported that Nick Fury would serve as Peter's mentor after Tony Stark sacrificed his life to save the universe from Thanos and the Infinity Stones. Peter is deeply saddened by Tony's death and feels a tremendous amount of regret.

Nick took it upon himself to guide the young man into a true hero.

Not an Infinity War prequel

Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige told We Got This Covered that "Spider-Man: Far From Home" does not take before "Avengers: Infinity War" due to the theory made by MCU Cosmic, who points out that Peter and his friends went on a field trip.

Feige added that the sequel is a continuation of Peter's story after his experience with Thanos and saving the whole universe from destroying itself.

“What is it like to try to go back to a normal life after what happens in this movie [Infinity War]? Not to mention what happens in the next [Avengers] movie,” Feige said.

The new "Spidey" sequel will premiere in cinemas on July 5, 2019.