The latest updates and spoilers for "Daredevil" Season 3 reveal the possible release date of the Marvel Netflix series. A post from Netflix Thailand's Twitter page revealed a clip of its teaser trailer with a caption hinting an October launch date.

There are also new details about Matt Murdock in the show and his return to Hell's Kitchen could be his darkest chapter yet. The third season is set after the events of "The Defenders" mini-series as Matt survives his encounter with Elektra and The Hand. He now tries to return to the city only to meet the wrath of his archnemesis, Wilson Wisk (The Kingpin) as he figures out his secret.

October launch date teased

According to Screen Rant, the tweeted post from Netflix Thailand featured a small portion of the season's teaser and the caption text translates to "I was dying as the devil. I live a better life as Matt Murdock. October 19, meet Daredevil season 3."

Whether it was intentional or by accident, Marvel and Netflix have not made any comments regarding the October launch date. One thing is certain is that third season of the popular Marvel TV series will stream this year. It was previously reported that the teaser for "Daredevil's" third season was shown at the end of "Iron Fist" season 2.

It featured Matt in his old vigilante suit questioning his resolve to protect the city from crime and corruption.

Matt Murdock's darkest hour

According to Comic, the official "Daredevil" Twitter page posted another video of the teaser trailer, but this time it contained a Bible verse from Job 12:12. Not only did the verse points to an ominous sign of things to come from the show, but also a foreshadowing of Matt's story indicating a darker and more serious tone.

The plot of the third season will take a page out of the popular comic book arc called "Born Again" as Kingpin systematically destroys Matt's professional and personal life after he found out that he is the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Fisk has targeted Matt's closest friends and family and tries to frame Daredevil as a psychotic masked murderer.

Matt will encounter a new enemy in the form of Bullseye.

The Hashtag Show previously reported that "The Young and The Restless" actor Wilson Bethel is being cast for the role. This version of the Bullseye is an assassin who pretends to be an FBI agent to cover his own tracks.

Matt will also meet his biological mother Maggie, a church nun who nursed him back to good health after his final battle with the Hand in Midland Circle.