Thomas Ravenel won't be missed when his former co-stars assemble to film the upcoming sixth season of Bravo TV's "Southern Charm" -- at least according to a September 26 report from People magazine. On Wednesday, an insider spoke to the outlet and offered details about how the cast of the hit series has responded to the network's decision to fire Ravenel after his recent arrest in Charleston, South Carolina.

“They’re relieved not to have to deal with [Thomas Ravenel] on ['Southern Charm'] anymore,” the insider explained. “Thomas was a friend at first, but that changed over the years as layers and layers of his lies and manipulation were exposed." According to the source, several members of the show were extremely turned off by how Ravenel treated Kathryn Dennis, the mother of his two children, and when it came to allegations of a sexual assault from his former nanny, his co-stars took the claims as the last straw.

During the fifth season of the reality show, Ravenel was accused of making Dennis jump through hoops to see her children, even though she was doing much better after going through tough times years ago. He also allowed his girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, to unleash verbal attacks on her parenting.

“It disgusted so many of them on ['Southern Charm'], especially [the female cast members],” the insider continued. “They’ve all been keeping their distance since. [Thomas Ravenel]’s toxic.” The source then said those associated with the show are excited to begin production on season six without their former co-star.

Bravo TV cut ties with Thomas Ravenel

On Tuesday (September 25), Ravenel was taken into custody an charged with second-degree assault and battery.

Shortly thereafter, Bravo TV confirmed Ravenel would not be invited back to the show for Season 6, or for any future seasons of the series. Weeks prior, Ravenel suggested it was his own decision to walk away from the show when he shared a tweet, which read, “I’m not doing the show anymore."

Also in his Twitter post, Ravenel said his contract gave permission to the network to fictionalize his storyline.

He then told his fans and followers that the network had taken advantage of him during this time on the reality series.

'Southern Charm' stars 'disgusted' by charges

In May, after a number of women spoke out against Ravenel, claiming he had sexually assaulted them over the past several years, an insider told People magazine that his co-stars were no longer friends with him and that they were completely "disgusted" with him.