Swedish actress Sofia Mattsson has joined the cast of "General Hospital" and her role could be a pivotal one. She is portraying Gina Gilmore who may turn out to be Nina's daughter. Matteson has previously acted in the television shows of "NCIS" and Two and One-Half Men." On Tuesday her "GH" character debuted and talked at length with Curtis, insisting she was never adopted. On Wednesday the PI told Valentin that Gina allowed him to obtain a DNA sample and Mr. Cassadine had him send it to two separate laboratories so the results would be conclusive.

There have been no details as to how Curtis found this young woman and why he believes she is the child of his good friend Nina. There also have been no details on how long Ms. Mattesson's character will remain in Port Charles.

Nina's daughter will shake things up in Port Charles

The reveal of Nina's daughter will shake things up in Port Charles. Spoiler alerts initially suggested that Kiki was the child Madeline gave away while her daughter was in a coma. Celeb Dirty Laundry is keeping this possibility alive based on something that Ava said to Nina on Wednesday. When Nina said that if Kiki were her daughter she would work things out with her, Ava angrily shouted that Ms. Reeves is not a mother and never will be.

This could be a smoke screen to keep viewers guessing, but it's possible that the trail could still lead to Kiki Jerome. This would indicate that "General Hospital" is using Gina as a red herring to distract viewers.

If Kiki is the long-lost daughter this would indicate that Madeline and Ava conspired together against Nina. This would send shock waves throughout Port Charles and If Gina turns out to be the one the reveal alone will be difficult for all concerned.

Sophia Mattesson's character has seemingly come out of nowhere, so she surely will have an interesting backstory. Her mother died never having discussed her being adopted so if she is Nina's daughter she will be dealing with her own emotional battles.

Gina and Kiki could be sisters

Although it is highly unlikely, "General Hospital" may surprise viewers by having Gina and Kiki be fraternal twins who were separated at birth.

This would explain why both women seem to have similarities to Nina. Kiki and Nina are connected in a way that Ava cannot understand and Kiki has the same free spirit as Ms. Reeves. Both women also adored Franco. Curtis pointed out on Tuesday that Gina loves horses and Nina is a champion equestrian. There is also the chance that neither woman is Madeline's granddaughter and the search will continue.

It's possible that Sofia Matteson may have taped her one and only scene or Gina may be sticking around Port Charles for a while. Find out by making sure you don't miss upcoming episodes of "General Hospital" which airs weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC. Whether she is Nina's daughter or not she will be a welcome addition to the cast.