On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital" Liz Webber's oldest son came home just in time to hear Franco leaving a message of condolence to Drew about Oscar. When Franco left the room Cameron saw that he was researching brain tumors and figured out what is going on with Joslyn's boyfriend. Soaps She Knows Spoilers indicate that Cam will be troubled by this information and unsure as to whether he should tell Oscar he is dying. Previews for Friday show Joss and Oscar talking and Cameron blurting out that young M. Nero does not know if he will live to see the future.

Cameron may tell Oscar's secret

Cameron Weber is dealing with typical teenage angst regarding love and friendship. He is falling for Joslyn whom he has known all his life ins spite of the fact that she is dating Oscar. His jealousy has caused him to cross lines and last week he and Oscar got into a fight. In addition, he is living with a single mom who changes men like most people change shoes. Cameron's father is deceased and he has had Jason, Drew, Lucky and now Franco in his life as father figures.

After overhearing Franco on the phone and viewing what was on the computer, Cameron now knows why the adults in his life have been acting so strange. Soaps She Knows suggests that he may tell Oscar that he is dying of a brain tumor which would cause problems between his parents, Liz, Franco, and Sam.

The teen will be troubled to find that this mom is the one who wanted to keep his condition a secret. Kim got Drew to say he would wait until their son enjoyed his possibly last birthday, but if spoilers are correct, Cam may divulge the truth long before then.

Oscar's birthday party could be a disaster

Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers suggest that Oscar's birthday party might be a day of disaster and there are two ways this could happen.

The teen could get sick and pass out and have to go to the hospital again in the middle of his celebration. This could be the day when Cameron blurts out the truth, not to hurt Josyln's boyfriend but because he knows the adults have been lying to him. Cam knows that Drew and Franco are aware of the brain tumor so naturally, he will assume, Liz and Kim also are aware of the truth.

Cameron's emotions have been all over the place lately causing him to argue with Liz and Franco, pick on Oscar and even steal. His mom has been pushing to be friends with Oscar and even made him apologize for kissing Joss. It's likely that Cam will spill the beans but whether it's Friday, during the party or another day neither CDL or Soaps She Knows has said for sure. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and keep watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.