One of the most anticipated comic book Movies of 2018 is "Venom," which will provide Sony with another Spider-Man character in a standalone film. However, Venom is not a hero, and the various trailers reveal that aspect. In fact, Venom is the result of an alien "Symbiote" taking over a human's body and mind to wreak havoc. A brand new television spot for "Venom" is now showing off more of the powers the villain will unleash on screen.

New 'Venom' TV ad emerges

Ever since the first trailer hit, followed by additional "Venom" footage at Comic-Con, there's been an ongoing discussion about the movie.

According to Comic Book's Charlie Ridgley, the brand new television spot debuted on Tuesday (Sept. 4) morning. It checks in at under 30 seconds and features Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) as he is taken over by the Symbiote. From there, viewers see exactly what that means. The villain Venom starts to really let people have it around the city.

One part of the new spot shows the Symbiote grow another head from Eddie's arm. The alien Symbiote is able to have a direct "in your face" type conversation with the human host, Eddie, informing him that he'll "find out" what the future plans are. Viewers can tell from the scenes that those plans are probably sinister.

Viewers get to see the cool ending that was revealed before.

In it, Venom has a random man in a store in his grip. The man asks, "What the hell are you?" and receives the obvious answer, "We are Venom," from a face that is half Eddie Brock and half Venom. Not a bad way to sell the Venom movie at all!

Other 'Venom' movie details

The movie comes via Sony and Marvel for Columbia Pictures.

It's separate from the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel's Kevin Feige said. That means it's unlikely that Marvel movie fans will see Tom Holland's Spider-Man in a film opposite Tom Hardy's Venom just yet. However, it could give some major credibility back to the character.

Venom was previously in the "Spider-Man 3" film which had a 63 percent overall review score at Rotten Tomatoes.

While it wasn't terrible, fans are hoping for better treatment of the classic Spidey villain. Topher Grace originally portrayed the character. Now, Academy Award-nominated actor Tom Hardy lends his skills to the role.

In addition to Hardy, "Venom" also stars Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed. It is directed by Ruben Fleischer. Fleischer's best movie to date is 2009's "Zombieland" which scored an impressive 90 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating. It also made over $75 million at the box office, but he's probably hoping for much more from this new CGI-driven comic book film.

Soon the terror of Eddie's alien Symbiote, coupled with suspense, comedy, mystery, and mayhem will be fully available. The new "Venom" movie hits theaters on October 4.