Venom is well-known for being a villain in the Spider-Man universe. The black symbiote takes over a host and gives it great strength, agility, speed, and shapeshifting abilities. The one drawback is that the symbiote takes over a victim and uses its hatred to commit evil acts and its own deeds in return. Having an origin from another planet, Spider-Man used it thinking it was a suit, but to his discovery, Peter Parker realized that it was an alien-like substance that can take over a host and make individuals do things they don't want to do. Venom ultimately gets its victim to bow to its every demand.

There is a new version of the story coming to theaters soon, and more footage was shown at Comic-Con 2018, with some big reveals.

A loyal view

Footage shown at Comic-Con proved that the film is going to be true to the character of Venom and provide more information about how the symbiote came about. The alien-like creature was in the movie "Spider-Man 3," but this solo film of the symbiote seems much more dark and true to the comics. The villain in "Spider-Man 3" was not as scary looking and didn't show off all of his abilities on the big screen. The role was also a minor one.

An article by Comic Book states that "it looks like Sony is leaning heavily into the body-horror aspect of the character, showing Venom as an imposing monster prone to violent outbursts.

The design of the face itself looks straight out of the comics." The new solo film about the symbiote seems to be very true to the comics, which will delight many moviegoers.

The movie is also diving interestingly deep into the dark nature of the villain, as an article by Slash Film gives details on the extended look into the viewing at Comic-Con.

At many parts of the viewing, the trailer showed off Venom's look, as well as toward the very end with "Venom biting a guy's head off (off screen), only to transform back into Hardy's Brock, who then comically tells a stunned onlooker, 'Sorry, I've got a parasite.'" It also depicts more of a struggle between the victim and the parasite.

No heroes, only villains

"Venom" will also not be having any heroes in it, as it will be a dark film filled with villains. This is a turn from many films before it, as the hero always steps in to save the day. However, one of the biggest reveals in the showing at Comic-Con, was that there is going to be another symbiote, but not Carnage. Instead, it will be a symbiote called Riot.

The director, Fleischer, was not trying to give out a lot of information about the movie, other than what was shown, but he did see a possibility that other symbiote, Carnage, could be in the movie. Another major reveal was that Spider-Man will not be in it, but that was expected, as this is a solo film for Venom.

Tom Hardy ready to embrace the role

Actor Tom Hardy, who already impressed in the first trailer, is very passionate about the role he is playing in the film. He had some interesting comments about why he decided to play as the symbiote in the upcoming movie. The actor took the role because his son is a huge fan of the character and because he likes how Venom looks. Tom Hardy could be the deal maker for this upcoming film, and "Venom" will be available in theaters on October 5.