Julia Louis-Dreyfus embodies a zest for life, no matter the circumstances or chaos around her memorable characters or in her real-life. Whether dancing like she didn't care as Elaine Benes on “Seinfeld,” or capturing the conflicted and often beleaguered single mom, Christine Campbell, in “The New Adventures of Old Christine” or through any of her endless array of other TV roles, Julia Louis-Dreyfus never portrays anyone who cannot embrace the good and the gusto in life. Her part as Selina Meyer, in the HBO series “Veep,” has garnered more professional acclaim and personal camaraderie than any through the past six seasons, and last year, Julia Louis-Dreyfus confronted her diagnosis of breast cancer with a matter-of-fact brand of courage, while her show carried forward.

Dreyfus is doing better than finding her rhythm as she returns for the White House comedy’s seventh and final season. She related her newfound strength and spirit in a September 4 feature in Rolling Stone and the Chicago Sun-Times, and she is thrilled about a new fashion project aimed to inspire the fight in other women facing battles like her own.

The gold and the gut-wrenching

Julia Louis-Dreyfus experienced an arc of highs and lows almost beyond comprehension last year. Only days after winning her sixth Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy, and a fourth trophy for Best Comedy for the show, confirmation came that the actress had breast cancer. In typical form, the versatile actress didn’t waste a second on self-pity and instead used her announcement of her condition on Twitter as a rally for public good.

"The Handmaids Tale" won at the 2017 Emmy Awards.

Dreyfus reiterated that “one in eight women get breast cancer. Today I'm the one,” before turning in gratitude to her “glorious group of supportive and caring family and friends” and for the “fantastic insurance” through her actors’ union. She closed her personal words with a plea to “fight all cancers and make universal healthcare a reality.” Scott Stapp was also on "Fox and Friends" to talk about music and family.

HBO echoed its support for Dreyfus, and also its commitment to continue preparation and plans for the seventh and final season. The 57-year-old actress posted few updates while in the throes of her treatment, but earlier this summer, she posted a radiant shot with husband, Brad Hall, in Hawaii, and a proclamation of “Hoorah!

Great doctors, great results,” after surgery, and closing with the assurance that she was “ready to rock” once again.

“It feels like I never left,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus says of her return to her “Veep” stomping grounds. “I've got my energy back, and yeah, back to my old tricks,” promises. Castmates are warned and ready for anything because Selina Meyer never pulls anything off without the help of her witting cohorts on Capitol Hill.

A tee to inspire

Another inspiration came to Julia Louis Dreyfus through her battle against cancer. Several times through her personal ordeal, she has been asked to adopt platforms or products promoting breast cancer awareness causes or campaigns for a cure, but something about a collaboration with designer Wes Gordon with the house of Carolina Herrera captured her imagination and fighting spirit.

She feels the design combines “a sort of femininity with a powerful message” that is essential for anyone facing breast cancer or flanking a loved one in support. The design pictures three poppies to represent unity and togetherness, captioned by the slogan: “We are fighters & fighting for a cure.” The shirts are priced at $35 and will be on sale through Saks Fifth Avenue for the month of October. 100 percent of the proceeds go to the AiRS Foundation, which pays the cost of reconstructive surgery after mastectomy.

It's not surprising that Julia Louis Dreyfus insists that “I liked the idea of talking about fighting,” Only warriors in the battle against cancer can summon the will to win. Look for “Veep” Season 7 in the spring of 2019.