Disney has announced that they are launching several standalone shows featuring Loki and the Scarlet Witch. Disney has been assembling content for its streaming platform, which is scheduled to be released in 2019. Variety has reported that Disney already confirmed that there will be a live-action Star Wars series, as well as a TV series adaptation of "Monsters Inc." However, they were originally quiet about any Marvel plans.

These stand-alone shows will feature Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen, both who have portrayed Loki and the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Other shows will feature superheroes who have yet to be given their own standalone movies. These shows will differ from the current line of Marvel TV series such as "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." which is gearing up for its sixth season and "Iron Fist" in many ways, including that Marvel Studios is producing the new series, not Marvel TV.

Disney planned series will rival film productions

The new shows on Disney's new streaming platform will only have six to eight episodes per season. However, Collider says that both Marvel and Disney are planning to invest major amounts of money to rival those of major studio productions.

These string of Marvel shows are being launched to give characters who have not received their own standalone movies, the opportunity to shine.

Some of those characters could include Falcon, Hawkeye, Mantis, and others. If Marvel can deliver, this could give Marvel fans the opportunity to see some unique, ambitious and creative standalone series.

Disney setting their sights on Netflix as they roll-out their service

These new stand-alone series are an attempt to rival the streaming giant Netflix, which will no longer be streaming Disney films and shows. Disney has announced that their service will be cheaper than Netflix.

Disney's service will include original Disney films right from the get-go, such as "Lady and the Tramp" remake and a new Christmas comedy starring Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick.

Marvel's contribution to this new streaming service is their limited series stand-alone series for many MCU characters. Now that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is in charge, the quality will be up to the level of the MCU movies.

Disney's announcement comes as Marvel TV's Netflix shows have received less and less fanfare over the past few seasons. "The Defenders" season 2 is not happening and new seasons for "Iron Fist," "Luke Cage," and "Jessica Jones," have not done much to draw in viewers.