Kingsman 2: Golden Circle” definitely had a lot of iconic moments. Just like the first one, it wowed its fans with its quirky and action-filled scenes. However, one of the moments that stood out in the film was the appearance of Sir Elton John. What was the reason behind his appearance on the film? Will he serve as an important character for the series in the future?

It’s a villain thing

It’s been known for quite some time that the British singer would play a part in “Kingsman 2.” The information was revealed through a teaser poster which was previously been released for the film.

However, nobody really guessed what his presence could mean in the film.

In the film, the new villain Poppy (Julianne Moore) captured John and held him hostage on her hideout. The drug kingpin wanted to get the singer because just like “Kingsman’s” former villain, Valentine; it’s just something you have to do. Based on his appearance, Sir John seems to have been used by Poppy as some sort of entertainment.

But It seems that there is more to his appearance than meets the eye. As it turns out, “Kingsman” director Matthew Vaughn really wanted him to play a role in “Secret Service.” Together, with other rumored big stars like Adele and David Beckham, the director wants to have a lot of A-List celebrities play hostages for the villains.

Colin Firth begged him to join

When he was first approached to play a part in the film, John declined the offer. However when he watched “Secret Service” the singer quickly regretted his decision. After all, the first “Kingsman” film was a major blockbuster hit and the quality of the film was amazing. So when Director Vaughn asked him again to play a part for “Golden Circle,” he quickly grabbed the opportunity.

At the premiere of the sequel, Sir John expressed that he was very happy to be able to play a part in the sequel.

Whatever his role for the “Secret Service” was it seems it must have been important. Because as it turns out; Colin Firth (who plays Harry in the movies) actually wrote to him to reconsider the offer. Firth knew how Director Vaughn wanted the singer to be in the film and begged him; only to be turned down.

Good thing the singer turned up for the second one.

It’s currently unknown what character Sir John was supposed to play in the first film. However, based on Vaughn’s persistence and Firth’s letter; maybe he was supposed to play a similar role to his “Golden Circle’” a kidnapped entertainer who ends up helping the heroes in the movie.