The former US First Lady Michelle Obama recently appeared in Las Vegas urging people to register to vote and reminding them that it was their right and responsibility to vote. During her speech, she mentioned how the US had a ”great president.” Obviously, she was referring to her husband, Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the statement didn't go well with the bleached blonde of right-wing news, Tomi Lahren, who got all in her feelings and let her finger get the best of her on Monday, 24 September, by firing off characters at Michelle Obama on Twitter.

Lahren reacts to Michelle's speech

Tomi Lahren, Fox News host commentator is well known for airing critics of the Obamas and their administration. Michelle Obama, during a campaign in Las Vegas, tagged ”When we all vote,” reminded the US citizens that the only way to get the qualified leaders they wanted was to vote. She further mentioned that democracy does not work with the ”Well I did my part, I vote once, I'm done, I'm out attitude." However, Lahren didn't agree with her that Barack Obama was qualified to be referred to as a great president. According to Lahren, Barack didn't do better than his predecessors in terms of economic growth, strength on the world stage, and border enforcement. She further revealed that the US President Donald Trump and the former US President Barack Obama entered office in different situations and for this reason, their administration shouldn't be compared.

The internet clapped back

Immediately, the Fox News contributor, Tomi Lahren, asked Michelle Obama to sit down, she faced serious backlash from many Twitter users.

According to Lahren, the measure of greatness in this context can be categorized into three, namely, economic growth, strength on the world stage, and border enforcement, and Obama didn't measure up to any of these, the Independent reported. This tweet sparked a flurry of criticism and resulted in lots of arguments on social media.

Karen Hunter, an author, broadcaster, and journalist, tweeted that Obama saved the auto industry, created job opportunities, and created an environment for negative immigration. They further reminded the Fox News contributor that Obama inherited the Great Recession. Another Twitter user also responded to the tweet, stating that the US has become a laughing stock around the world. A singer and actress known as 'Such' also tweeted that Lahren’s statement was racial.

After 12 hours, she came back on Twitter to defend Donald Trump and slammed back at everyone who condemned her previous tweets. In fact, she added that the leftist men should ”Watch it.”