Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital' indicate that fans, who have been patiently waiting for Julian and Alexis to reunite, may soon see a glimmer of hope. Viewers had assumed the two would have a passionate encounter once he was released from prison, but the couple decided to go their separate ways. Soap Dirt says that this coming week the mob boss will be in despair because Kim kept him out of the loop regarding Oscar's brain tumor. Soaps She Knows reports that Julexis will have a moment together. It's likely Mr. Jerome will share his woes with his ex-wife and the two of them will ease a little closer to each other.

Kim may push Julian towards Alexis

Shortly after Julian began dating Ms. Nero, she explained that she did not want to become too serious. For her, the relationship was friends with benefits but the former mob boss seemed to desire more. As he has attempted to get closer, she has kept him at arm's length. For the past few weeks, Kim has been dealing with the fact that her son has an inoperable brain tumor and kept this fact from the man whose bed she shares. Spoilers indicate that the truth will be revealed this week and Mr. Jerome will be crushed.

Spoilers say that when Julian realizes that other Port Charles residents knew about Oscar's diagnosis but his girlfriend withheld it from him, he will be hurt.

This could be the reason he has an intimate moment with his former wife. Kim has been rather abrupt in recent encounters with her mobster boyfriend and Soap Dirt says on October 1, she will get her him to back off. This is what may push him towards Alexis.

GH may be setting the stage for a Julexis reunion

During the past few weeks, as Kim has been putting distance between herself and Julian, he has been gaining ground with members of his family.

Lucus has allowed his dad to spend time with Wiley, while Brad confided to his father in law that the baby is not the one he brought home from the hospital. Christina is working in his pub and Sam is slightly less indignant towards her father than usual. The main reason Julexis fans should have hope for a reunion is the fact that their favorite couple has been slowly gaining ground with each other.

Alexis expressed her gratitude that her ex-husband called her after Christina was in the explosion at his pub. he also said she would appreciate his looking out for her daughter as long as she is working for him. The two have had a few encounters where the spark between them seemed ready to ignite. If spoilers are correct then Kim's keeping Julian out of the loop regarding Oscar may cause his former wife to show him a little empathy. Mr. Jerome agreeing to give current lover space may push him into the arms of his former spouse, who just may be willing to give him another chance. Be on the lookout for updated "General Hospital" spoilers to reveal what happens next with Julexis and how they put recent events into perspective.