Many people doubted that LaVar would be able to put together the Junior Basketball Association (JBA). He put together the league but as expected, many people aren't coming to watch the games. As Gelo didn't get drafted, he figures out his next steps regarding his basketball career.

'Growing Pains'

With a pretty empty crowd in Los Angeles, the next few games were played in Seattle with an equally low turnout. Despite the low attendance, LaVar and Alan believe that the JBA will eventually grow. Alan points out that he doesn't think the NFL/NBA was successful in its first few years, and now, both leagues dominate the airwaves and fill seats.

Melo stated that there's added pressure that comes with being the face of the JBA. During the game, the referee asked Melo to tuck in his jersey three times -- as Melo didn't do so the first few times he was asked. Melo likes to play with his jersey not tucked in but rules are rules. Since he didn't follow what the referee asked him to do, he received a technical foul and was eventually fouled out of the game. He finished the game with 38 points.

The next game, Melo played poorly, as he missed 23 shots and a lot of three-point shots. For the second game in a row, Melo fouled out -- which prompted his father to have a talk with him.

As Zo came to watch the game, he talked to his dad about the situation with his knee.

He said that he had the option of repairing it but said that if he were to repair his knee, his knee would rip in six months. He said that he had to go ahead with the last option of surgery -- he'd be able to make a full recovery in six weeks.

Future plans

Back when Gelo declared for the NBA Draft, very few people expected him to get drafted.

Gelo also said that no teams were going to sign him to a summer league contract. While out for lunch with his mom and his grandparents from his mom's side, Gelo told his grandfather that he might play in the JBA with his brother. While they were talking, Noni said that Tina won an MVP award in high school and was always written about in the newspaper.

Next episode

The next "Ball in the Family" episode will air this Sunday, September 16 on Facebook Watch. DMO has a conversation with Gelo, Zo talks to the Los Angeles Ballers of the JBA in order to help get them back on track, LaVar is disappointed in some of the players, and Zo tells the players that the JBA is a business -- if they don't do well, they'll get fired/released.

Stay tuned for more.