The latest updates and spoilers for the live-action "Venom" movie reveal a new theory that will lead to the potential creation and appearance of the symbiote villain, Carnage. The Spider-Man villain has been rumored to make a cameo appearance in the movie, and he is played by "Zombieland" star Woody Harrelson.

The "Venom" movie stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a field reporter who has been investigating the Life Foundation for months regarding the illegal human experimentation using alien symbiotes. He then stumbles inside their lab, and one of the symbiotes fused with him, becoming a huge carnivorous monster.

Did Carnage come from Riot?

According to Express UK, the "Venom" movie will introduce Woody Harrelson's character, Cletus Cassidy in the movie and he told Collider in a previous interview that his appearance will small, but will set up the events for a sequel.

“I’m in a little fraction of this movie," Harrelson said. "But I’ll be in the next one, you know?”

In the Marvel comics, Cletus Cassidy is a psychotic mass murderer, who is sent to Ryker's Island for 11 counts of homicide. He became Eddie Brock's cellmate until the Venom symbiote helped his host escape prison. Unbeknownst to Eddie, his symbiote was pregnant and left his spawn to bond with Cletus.

Taking the name Carnage, Cletus proceeded to kill everyone in prison and has terrorized New York City ever since.

Carnage is considered to be Spider-Man's most dangerous foe, and he often teams up with Eddie to take him down.

While comic book fans are hoping that Eddie and Cletus will meet the same way as the comics, the live-action film will likely alter that as Screen Rant theorized that Carnage would be created from the movie's main antagonist, Riot.

The website speculated that Carlton Drake's symbiote form would be responsible for Carnage's birth due to their unhinged personalities and their ability to turn their arms into bladed weapons.

What do we know so far?

The "Venom" film will adapt the "Lethal Protector" and "The Planet of the Symbiotes" storylines. The film will be completely separate from Tom Holland's Spider-Man as the character is not part of Sony's deal with Marvel Studios.

Director Rueben Fletcher told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview that the film will focus on Eddie's relationship with his alien companion, as viewers will learn more about him and unlock hidden layers of his character.