Jenelle Evans' mother, Barbara Evans, is worried about her well-being. In a sneak peek at next week's episode of the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special, Barbara is seen sitting down for an interview with host Dr. Drew Pinsky and during the interview, Barbara voices her concerns about David Eason's aggressive behavior and how she fears it may impact Jenelle and her three kids.

“It’s been kind of a tough run lately,” Dr. Drew tells Barbara in a preview clip shared by Radar Online on August 8. "Do you feel like [Jenelle Evans] is okay?"

“No I don’t feel like [she] is okay," Barbara replies.

"[David Eason]’s going to hurt her.” Jenelle and David got married last September and share one young child together, one-year-old Ensley Jolie Eason. Jenelle is also mom to two older children, including her nine-year-old son Jace, who Barbara has custody of, and her four-year-old son Kaiser, whose father is her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Janelle also recently compared David's firing to that of Farrah Abraham.

Nathan also fears for the safety of Jenelle's kids

As fans have seen throughout "Teen Mom 2" Season 8, David has been quite physical with Kaiser in the past and at one point, Nathan accused David of abusing the child. Nathan even went as far as to file for a modification of his custody agreement in an effort to protect his son from Jenelle and David.

In his request for full legal and physical custody of Kaiser, Nathan said David was "violent" and noted he was a "danger" to his son. Nathan also said he wanted Jenelle to be restricted to visitation and for her husband to be "prohibited from contacting the minor child.”

During a recent episode of "Teen Mom 2," after seeing Jenelle engage in a heated road rage incident with son Jace in the car, Barbara Evans met with Nathan to discuss the reality star's children.

“We got to get these kids out of the house,” Barbara told him. “This is bad. We’re going to court to get him out of this house. This is serious s**t. We need to get Kaiser out.”

Nathan called the cops on Jenelle last month

After suspecting his son was abused by David during a weekend visit, Nathan Griffith called 911 and reported his suspicions.

He and his mother then kept Kaiser away from David and Jenelle for several days. “We asked him about [a mark on his butt] and he said David hit him with a stick,” Nathan said in the 911 call.

To see more of Jenelle Evans, who sources claim can't quit "Teen Mom 2," her family, and her co-stars, don't miss the second half of the two-part "Teen Mom 2" Season 8 reunion special, next Monday night, August 13 at 9 PM on MTV.