It's been two years since "The Oa" first came to Netflix. The show combines elements of the genres of mystery, science fiction, and a supernatural thriller. Now, the mystery of the series will, according to reports from Fansided, stretch across many years.

'The OA' will have five seasons

"The OA" is the story of a young, blind woman named Prairie, who disappears for many years from her family and returns as an adult with her sight miraculously intact, for reasons unknown. She then enlists a group of high school students and one teacher, to hear the strange story of what happened during her disappearance.

She will teach them certain "movements," which, when coordinated properly, will open up a window to another dimension of reality. This is Netflix at its "Stranger Things" best, but there is a twist.

Due to certain circumstances in the final episode, we were left at the end of the first season of "The OA" with many questions about what truly happened to the this young woman during her extended period of absence. She claimed that she was held captive by a scientist who experimented on her repeatedly and inducing near-death experiences. Her story that she was then revived became suspect. The power of the movements themselves also became questionable, yet hopeful tools, when they were used to thwart a school shooting.

The second season, at first, appeared to promise answers to some of these questions. But now we know, according to Indiewire, that there are a total of five seasons planned for the cult hit program by Netflix. The answers to our questions may not come for many years. We must wait until the end of the series.

'The OA' is a Netflix program of many mysteries

According to Indiewire, the entire program is shrouded in mystery from the plotline to the basic timing of filmmaking. Even the release date of the much anticipated second season has not been firmly announced. Netflix appears to want the program to have elements of suspense, mysteriousness, and surprise intermixed with the storyline itself.

We should expect that in the further development and filming of the storyline for the second season. Netflix is not being shy about advertising the quality of the upcoming season. According to Netflix, fans will love the new season, which will be part and parcel of the unraveling of the mysteries of "The OA." Indiewire reports that at the end of the five seasons, in keeping with the show's storyline, the door to another dimension will indeed be opened. In the meantime, fans will have to be content to wait for the revelations that will, we are promised, ultimately come.