Fresh from starring as the title character in "Deadpool 2," actor Ryan Reynolds, known for his social media popularity, is ready to produce a new parody from Fox called "Stoned Alone," according to Deadline. The comedy is a sort of remake, with a stoner twist, of the John Hughes holiday classic "Home Alone," which grossed over $470 million and made a star out of child actor Macaulay Culkin at the time. "Stoned Alone" will be directed by Augustine Frizzell, scripted by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, and based on a concept from Fox executive Matt Reilly.

The concept basically takes "Home Alone" and puts it on drugs.

'Stoned Alone' follows the plot line of 'Home Alone'

"Home Alone" depicts the child of a large family inadvertently left alone at home during the holidays and then forced to defend his house during a robbery. It is also punctuated by cheesy holiday moments. In a drug-addled departure from the original, "Stoned Alone" will depict a stoner who misses a ski trip and returns home alone. During a fit of pot-induced paranoia, he believes his house is subject to a robbery, too. Then, he discovers it's not just paranoia. The robbers are real and he, like Macaulay Caulkin of Christmas past, will have to defend his home from criminals. The film has the potential for some comic moments reminiscent of Harold and Kumar's trip to White Castle, with some holiday nostalgia in the mix.

Deadline suggests that the film is likely to be rated R.

'Stoned Alone' brings a new comic voice to the table

Deadline reports that director Augustine Frizzel is a new comic voice in film and is gathering some momentum. Frizzel directed "Never Goin' Back," a comic look at female friendship with some madcap sequences, which premiered at Sundance and will be released by A24.

She is also directing HBO's "Euphoria," a bold look at the life of teenagers in the 1990s. With new talent and a pothead take on an old theme, "Stoned Alone" may have audiences laughing uncontrollably, or yearning with nostalgia for the innocence of the classic "Home Alone" Movies, or both.

According to The Week, the first "Home Alone" film came out nearly 28 years ago, directed by Chris Columbus, from Warner Bros.

Just about three decades later, we will get to see a paranoid stoner in the Macaulay Caulkin role, setting traps about his house for the burglars -- a special comic treat for audiences from Fox. The "Stoned Alone" project is currently in the early stages of development.