There was a palpable sense of relief on “America's Got Talent” for the second round of voting results on Wednesday, August 22. Simon Cowell was asked about his laughing outburst during the second quarterfinals performances Tuesday, and he told Tyra Banks: “I haven’t recovered." That said, he seemed much more able to collect his thoughts and offer insightful commentary. The stage doors that inexplicably stopped working were up and running again, too, and Simon Cowell did not hesitate in saying that he blamed “the one standing in the back,” for the glitches on performance night.

That performer happened to be The Sacred Riana, but more about that dark side conjurer later. There was much more pleasant “America's Got Talent” news to reveal first.

Saved contenders come forth

In a flash, Tyra Banks was calling Da Republik, Front Pictures, and Makayla Phillips to step forward as the three acts on the bubble for the save vote of the evening by fans. Each of these performers earned high praise from the panel, particularly for this week's quarterfinals performances, so it was not surprising to see the razor-thin margin in the voting numbers take hold immediately.

As those three acts began their nervous wait, singer-songwriter Noah Guthrie, Japanese tummy-noise creators Yumbo Dump, and dancers Quin and Misha were called to face their vote for their future in the competition.

Noah Guthrie was the public's choice, and for an instant, he almost looked like he would collapse, before his big smile and an upward glance came. The only feeling he could convey to Tyra Banks, the judges, and everyone watching was “thank you, everybody” for the continuing opportunity to reclaim his musical career. No matter how many more weeks Noah has to sing in front of America, he already has his new start.

Tugging on the heartstrings

Voices of Hope children's choir stood waiting with the Savitsky Cats. The choice between beautifully talented singing children and beautiful, furry cats doing pretty incredible feats for felines had to be tough. Simon Cowell had given the choir all the push he could by saying that he wanted to see (and hear) them “all the way to the finals.” This time, the sometimes persnickety judge didn't break out into hysterics upon seeing the cats, and it was Voices of Hope who took this vote.

The humble director called the “America’s Got Talent” experience with the children “a miracle,” and judging by the standing ovations from all four judges and everyone at the Dolby Theatre, Simon Cowell just may have his wish to see Voices of Hope in the finals of Season 13.

Simon Cowell wasn't quite done having a laugh, sending Tyra Banks out for some blind dates, and being the secret whisperer in the earpiece of each prospective suitor. From drinking milk to requesting a burp together, supermodel Banks made short order of dismissing each one. It was fun to see Heidi Klum turn up for an interlude with comedian Taylor Williamson, her favorite infatuation from Season 8. Tyra did get her choice with the evening’s special guests as entertainers.

Her golden buzzer pick from last season, Light Balance, did a dancing display in sync with “Uptown Funk,” which followed a performance by The Illusionists, the magical performers who now call Las Vegas home.

Some welcome levity

Samuel J. Comroe, one of the comic contenders in the current season, was called to stand alongside singer Glennis Grace. America had to know that this was going to be the vote in which both performers got the word that they would move on, but somehow Glennis Grace didn’t make the connection when she didn't hear her name, and the words “both of you.” She started to walk away, and Tyra Banks summoned her back. She might have made an utterance unsuitable for family TV in her disbelief, but not every viewing market heard it, thanks to the 7-second delay.

Comroe related his gratitude by saying that a year ago, he was playing to one guy in a college cafeteria. Howie Mandel encouraged both performers to focus on the best material, noting that having that focus always builds a career.

Last but not least was the vote between the final contenders before the save came, and that meant that aerial artists Duo Transcend were up against The Sacred Riana. The tally bid farewell to The Sacred Riana, and Duo Transcend were truly transcendent in their gratitude. Wife Mary melted into tears, thanking the other acts and “America's Got Talent” for “letting us be here.” This high-flying couple earned their place, and they deserve whatever blessings come. “Thank God she's gone,” Mel B exclaimed, referring to the exited performer.

She then offered an apology for earlier remarks to Mary and Tyce about not living so dangerously and going off to an island. She said that she understands that the couple’s passion comes through in every performance and that performing is what they are meant to do.

The vote for the save always closes the “America's Got Talent” results shows, and Makayla Phillips could not have been more surprised to be the performer saved. The 16-year-old tearfully thanked America, her family, and Heidi Klum for all their support, and her comments felt completely genuine. That left Dominican Republic dance group Da Republik and Front Pictures for the judges to deliberate. Howie Mandel put his vote with Front Pictures, but the other three judges swung the vote for the passionate youth and spirit of Da Republik just as the credits rolled. The dancers' futures will be on a roll now, too.