On Thursday's episode (July 12) of "The Young and the Restless," Victor Newman was back in action, despite all the downward spirals his life has recently taken. He showed up unannounced at Neil's home, demanding answers about why his protegee betrayed him by doing business with one of the companies that bailed on Newman Enterprises. Neil and Ashley were defensive and tried to explain, but Victor cuts ties with Neil and Power Communications. Later, he gets a text that is supposedly from J.T., who wants to meet with him alone. Losing Christian to Nick, and battling health issues, have not deterred him, and he is ready to do battle.

Neil and Ashley try to double-cross Victor

Both Ashley and Neil know that Victor Newman always gets even, and if he is down, will always rise back to the top in Genoa city. This did not stop Ms. Abbott from suggesting that Neil do business with one of the companies that pulled out from Newman Enterprises. Mr. Winters agreed, believing his mentor would understand that it is only business. As Neil and Ashley were discussing their venture, Victor knocked on the door.

Victor scolded the duo for indulging in insider trading, and Neil replied that Mr. Newman would have done the same. This may have been true, but in Genoa City, no one double-crosses the mustache, so Neil and Ashley walked into this with eyes wide open.

Neil said he hoped there would be no hard feelings as this was just a business transaction, and Victor's response was to say that, effective immediately, he was cutting ties with Power Communications.

J.T. and Victor showdown will reveal answers

Later, as Victor was sitting alone, he received a text from an unknown number. When he inquired as to who he was communicating with, the response was said to be from J.T.

(or whoever is impersonating him). A showdown is coming soon on the show. Viewers will finally get to see the mastermind who is behind destroying Newman Enterprises and who was revealing Victor's medical history.

If indeed this is J.T., there needs to be an explanation as to how he escaped from being buried in Chancellor Park and how he recovered from Nikki hitting him on the head with a poker.

The cover-up gang checked his pulse and found none, so they were certain he was dead. There is also the issue of how Mr. Hellstrom has been able to remain under the radar all of this time. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ET.