This past week on "The Young and the Restless" someone using J.T.'s credit cards began sending copies of sensitive documents to the Newman offices. There was also a leak to the press that the family patriarch has a serious medical condition. Video surveillance revealed an image that looked exactly like J.T., which sent the cover-up gang, (Phyllis, Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon) into a tailspin. Spoiler alerts, however, suggest that Vickie's former husband is not among the living, but indeed dead and buried in Chancellor Park. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that it is Kyle Abbott impersonating him, in order to gaslight Victor to get revenge for himself and his father Jack.

Kyle has a motive but no means to gaslight Victor

Kyle has several incentives for why he would want to take down the head of Newman Enterprises. Victor manipulated young Mr. Abbott, turning him against his father and promising him a lucrative position in his company. Victor instead, revealed that Jack was not an Abbott in a very public and humiliating manner, and refused to give Kyle a job. The fallout from finding out that he is not blood-related to John Abbott, caused Jack to walk away from Jabot, where he has put in his life's blood. The reveal is also causing issues for his son.

Kyle certainly has a motive but does not appear to have had the means to carry out this vindictive plot to gaslight his father's arch enemy.

During the past week, when all the J.T. sightings took place in other states, Kyle was in Genoa City working with Summer. There also does not seem to be a plausible way for Jack's son to gain access to all of the sensitive Newman files. Celeb Dirty Laundry does not give any explanation for this narrative, so "Y&R" fans will have to watch and wait to see if this spoiler is correct.

Kyle may be as devious as Jack and Victor

If indeed, Kyle is the mastermind behind all the mayhem, then he is as devious as Jack and Victor and has done an excellent job of concealing his true agenda. There has not even been a hint that young Mr. Abbott has been up to anything untoward and his initial resentment of his dad seems to have wained.

The two have been bonding, and Soap Hub indicates that the duo will work hand in hand seeking permission to exhume Phillip Chancellor's body.

Soap Hub also teases that there is another grave that may be disturbed this week. The cover-up gang may decide to find out once and for all if J.T. is dead and buried or alive and wreaking havoc on Victor. Be on the lookout for spoiler updates as they become available and continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM ET on CBS.