Last week, on "The Bold and the Beautiful," a number of Hope for the Future employees had run-ins with their boss and they all wondered why she was not her usual easy going self. On Monday (July 2), a distracted Ms. Logan decided to take a home pregnancy test and the results indicated that she is expecting a baby. On Tuesday (July 3), Hope's OBGYN confirmed that Ms. Logan indeed has a bun in the oven. After a heart-to-heart with her mother, Hope decided she had to tell Liam that he is going to be a father again. She gave him the good news while Forrester Creations personnel were watching the July 4 fireworks.

Liam's first response indicated that he is overjoyed, which is going to shatter Steffy.

Hope believes Liam is her future

After finding out for certain that her daughter is carrying Liam's child, Brooke insisted that he needed to be told, ASAP. Hope said she did not want to cause problems, considering Liam and Steffy had just begun working on making a life for little Kelly. Brooke insisted that her former stepson must be informed, and needed to be able to decide for himself how he will juggle two families.

Hope decided that her mother was right, and planned to talk to her baby daddy as soon as she could find a private moment. At Forrester, Liam, Thorne, Maya, and Xander had all decided to work on July 4.

Thorne and Liam questioned the others while trying to determine if one of them were Hope's cyber stalker. That stalked had placed another cryptic message online. Later, as the Hope for the Future team began watching the fireworks display, Hope pulled Liam aside and said she needed to talk to him. She risked it all to let him know that she believes they have a future together and he did not disagree.

Steffy will be traumatized by Hope's pregnancy

As the fireworks were going off, Hope told Liam twice that she was pregnant, but the noise drowned out her voice. His response indicated he did not understand what she said, but Ms. Logan kept going. On the third try, as the most beautiful display of colors lit up the sky, Liam heard everything.

Hope poured out her heart, saying she loved him and believed everything had happened for a reason,

Liam began smiling and took his baby mama in his arms as the July 4 fireworks continued over their heads. Simultaneously, Brooke was telling Ridge that his son-in-law has another child on the way, and the concern for his daughter was clear on his face. The person who will be traumatized by this situation will be Steffy, who has decided to marry Liam now that Bill is no longer blackmailing her. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM ET on CBS.