London's Kingdom Choir knows what it's like to see Oprah Winfrey sway to the sound of their soulful, unified voices. The gifted ensemble sang for the most honored audience of two in May, when they were chosen to perform “Stand by Me” at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St. George's Chapel. Some guests, like Oprah, were utterly caught up in the moment, while others, of the British upper crust, had bewildered gazes and mouths agape. This was a royal wedding like no other, with a message from a black pastor who preached that “two people fell in love, and everybody showed up.” That casual vernacular isn’t often heard in English hallowed halls, but the selection by the Kingdom Choir has been heard again and again since that day, in all corners of the world.

The Kingdom Choir has more opportunity than ever to share their spirit, faith, and soaring voices, because “CBS This Morning” confirmed in a July 31 profile that the group is delighted with their future and their new record deal with Sony.

The blessing of going big

Director Karen Gibson admits that “my life is completely different compared to what it was two, three months ago.” Even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed to only have eyes for each other as they held hands to the uplifting strains of “Stand by Me,” two billion viewers, were looking and listening to the stellar singers. The silver-haired leader says that what moves her most about her new level of recognition is not being known, or racking up ten million YouTube views, but the fact that admirers who stop her for a moment on the street are “so sincere” in their gratitude for the respite of hope and human bonding that the Kingdom Choir brings.

Their version of the 1961 R&B classic by Ben E. King has already hit number one on Billboard’s Hot Gospel chart, and that rise led to the nod from Sony Records, but choir members knew their lives were forever changed that special day long before signing on the dotted line.

No red lights ahead

Elaine Simpson and Sharlene Monique Morris, like the other members of Kingdom Choir, don’t notice any changes in their rigorous practice schedule, except that it has become even more packed because of engagement requests.

Simpson had a story for her grandchildren even before getting to the chapel for the wedding. Never before in their lives had either of these ladies had a police escort for a performance, and in perfect agreement, they both gushed "That’s it!” in naming the moment that their lives became different forever.

That honor of “no red lights,” like the contract with Sony, didn’t just fall from the sky.

The Kingdom Choir was formed more than 20 years ago, and it is the group’s incessant practice that puts its vocal performances on a higher level-- one that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sought out for their special day of love and inclusion. “We practice under Karen’s leadership,” insists Morris, who doesn't discount the divine reward of diligent effort. “This is we pray, we worship, we sing,” she relates. Nothing is mere coincidence, and “to reach so many more people” with inspiration through song is the best part of the life-changing turn for the singers. Kingdom Choir members were even stopped and asked to sing snippets by news media interviewers before leaving the grounds. “We now get to do what we've been talking about, and praying about, and asking for for years,” reiterates Tyrone Sinclair.

Another choir is creating waves of hope on “America’s Got Talent" this season, so it seems to be a welcome season for choral singers. Late hours singing from living rooms now lead to world-renowned concert halls, and a global audience.

On that sunny day in May, the whole world was watching, but Karen Gibson knows well that a royal wedding, like every couple’s wedding, is a memory for a lifetime. She reminds that this was “their very private, personal, intimate ceremony” that just happened to have the world invited through the wonder of technology. The success of the Kingdom Choir can only come from a higher power and countless hours of hard work.