America's Got Talent” keeps its loyal and growing contingent of viewers summer after summer because nowhere on television can anyone see the scope and variety of performers and eclectic talent apart from the competition’s stage. This fun and games is over for competitors in Season 13, and for Week 2 of Judge Cuts on July 24, “X-Men” actress and former correspondent on “The Daily Show” Olivia Munn took the honors as a guest judge. No one had to beg the brunette beauty to praise the show. She went on and on about how “America's Got Talent” is a show she has watched consistently for years, and how she dreamed of being asked to participate.

She found her judges’ chair quite comfortable and wasn't shy about sounding her golden buzzer and letting the shiny confetti fly fairly early in the night.

With a golden buzzer act selected, that left only six acts out of the 18 performances that could move forward, and the stakes couldn't be higher. The youngest “America's Got Talent” contender ever wowed the judges and the crowd with her soaring vibrato, while some other crowd-pleasers fell short of their audition moments. It was a night of song, dance, laughter, and suspended belief that could lead to lifetime dreams fulfilled.

Let the magic begin

The Human Fountains opened the proceedings with a playful depiction of the typical morning routine, including gulping raw eggs and orange juice for the spitting and spewing of their performance.

Simon Cowell still couldn't get on board with these guys, but the remaining judges on the panel and the enthusiastic audience were pleased enough. They will probably be getting all the gigs they can handle.

Close-up card magician Shin Lim absolutely had Tyra Banks and the entire panel of judges pulling their jaws up off the floor after his audition at the Season 13 premiere of “America's Got Talent.” He produced the card signed by Banks out of a frozen block of ice in that performance.

This time around, the Boston magician took another tack, with Olivia Munn looking on with her single chosen card under her hand.

Lim instructed her not to move her hand as the illusionist went through a series of making ace cards and face cards vanish completely as his sleeves were rolled up, even making cards go completely blank.

For his finish, he restored all the aces underneath Munn’s hand, without any movement at all. Heidi Klum told Lim that he made her truly believe in magic, and Howie Mandel, who called Shin Lim’s audition the best close-up magic he had ever seen, praised that he was “even more magical” this time.

As it turned out, Shin Lim wasn't the only illusionist to please the judges in a big way, a little later on, Rob Lake, who performed his audition illusion while completely out of the building, heeded Simon Cowell's advice to speed things up and focus on showmanship. Rob Lake is shy by nature, but he turned up the music and added a lady in a cage who came out to chain him up. Seemingly in just a flash, Lake materialized unshackled, trading places with his assistant, and no one could deny that the feat was an incredible step-up in performance level.

Everything for a song

Five-year-old Sophie Fatu got the first genuine roar of the night from the audience, belting out the big notes without missing a beat on Frank Sinatra's “New York, New York,” and the hours that the little girl devoted to listening to her idol paid off. She dazzled the panel and the crowd, and here's hoping her passion only grows from her “America's Got Talent” experience. She reiterated to Simon Cowell that singing and making people happy was more important to her than the million dollars.

The Angel City Chorale came to the stage a bit before the midway point of the night. Led by their inspired director, Sue Fink, 145 members of the ensemble gathered to perform “Baba Yetu.” Their voices rose to signify to all that the chorus represents diversity and harmony on every level, with Fink stressing that “even Republicans and Democrats” (along with independents) can sing as one in her group.

The finish of the performance was not only vocally stunning but ended in an explosion of color from the hands raised with lifted “wings.” Howie Mandel remarked that the group is “living the song” with every performance, and the ensemble has been there for each other, too, for both the joys and tragedies of life, including weddings and the death of a member's son. Olivia Munn pretended to have microphone difficulties, asking, “Can you hear me?” from her seat, before asking, “Can you hear this?” and hitting her golden buzzer. This moment was truly transformational and will result in the Angel City Chorale bringing hope to more hearts in the world and becoming known to everyone.

The youthful dance group Future Kings may not be the most technically perfect to ever perform on “America's Got Talent,” but the spirit that vibrates through every move makes up for any deficiency.

The panel and the audience felt the same way, and this “family of friends” will have their shot at the live shows.

Levity is necessary for life, too, and comedian Vicki Barbolak brought her A-game for a performance that mattered so much. She was the last to perform before the panel of judges deliberated on who would move on, and it certainly didn't hurt that Vicki’s routine about first-grade moms on field trips and teaching babies to read was a riot. Heidi Klum often has a hard time with comics, but she was in sync with Barbolak, joining her fellow judges in a unanimous standing ovation.

Keeping Vicki company in the group moving forward are singer Joseph O'Brien, Shin Lim, Rob Lake, Future Kings, Hans the entertainer, and Angel City Chorale.

Next week, country music superstar Martina McBride will bring her wisdom and experience to the “America's Got Talent” team of judges.