According to the Twitter account of Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks, season five of “Fortnite” could bring the idea of a whole new gifting system soon. The new feature seems to make it possible to share items with others. Some pictures that were leaked showed that outfits can now be purchased from the shop and be gifted to other players. The feature reportedly is going to be made available soon. Some images were presented with text messages with captions like “hope you like this gift. Good luck; have fun!” There were also error messages apologizing for not having that gifting item to gift.

The cryptic message made people start to guess more about the new arrival. Lispy Jimmy on YouTube on July 20 seemed quite certain it will happen this month.

Latest update

Variety noted that there were messages which suggest that “V-bucks” might be the currency that will be used to make the purchases. The messages also show that if enough currency is not available to make the purchase then a regret message stating that enough currency is not presented for purchase will be shown. The best part of it all is that the feature gives you the option to customize the gifts with words of your own. An allowance of 100 words is provided for us to pen a few words.

There 's been no official statement yet to officialize the gifting feature.

The website also does not show any development in this regard, but there have been features of the official spokesperson mentioning that there is no time limit as to when this would be available. However, it will surely be soon, as this his piece of information initially came from Epic, on June 27 on a “Fortnite” Reddit thread.

Reddit user MrPopoTFS wrote.“Gifting will be coming in the future “We don’t have an exact date to share, but we will inform you once we do.”

In the meantime, 'Fortnite ' players are getting excited about it and are speculating on Twitter and YouTube. One leakster updated on July 20 on his Youtube channel, Lispy Jimmy, that he is also certain it will come out on July 24 for the birthday celebrations.

Battle Royale Mode

The release of the official v5.0 content update notes by Epic doesn’t declare the reality of any gifting option yet. But, it does mention the adding of two fresh weapons, the "Submachine Gun for Battle Royale Mode, and the Typewriter Assault Rifle to save the world." The update's content notes also talk about a 50 percent discount on "Save the world." Meanwhile, according to Express, "Fortnite is coming to Android this summer so it would make sense that Epic Games would look to get a new feature like this tried and tested before such a big launch." This offer is available until July 31 this year.

Meanwhile, in other news, season 5 week 3 leaks indicate that a few of the challenges include using a launchpad once and getting explosive eliminations. Stay tuned for more "Fortnite: Battle Royale" news and updates.