Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment streamed the official trailer of "Titans" TV series at this year's San Diego Comic-Con event. The show will star Brenton Thwaites as Robin (Dick Grayson) who assembles a team of teenage outcasts to fight a dark and powerful threat. They will also have to learn to confront their individual issues in order to work as a team.

The show will be separate from the "Arrowverse" shows such as "Arrow," "The Flash," "Legends of Tomorrow," and "Supergirl" due to its darker storyline and tone. It will feature other popular Teen Titans characters such as Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire.

The show will air on the DC Universe streaming service.

The Teen Titans assemble at SDCC 2018

The trailer starts with Raven entering into a dream sequence and she witnessed the deaths of Dick Grayson's parents during their trapeze performance in the circus. She seeks out Dick who is working as a police officer and knows his secret life as Robin.

Robin fights criminals alone at nights and declares a personal loathing for his mentor, Batman. Raven asked Dick for help to fight the growing darkness within herself and fears that she will hurt everyone close to her. The trailer shows Beast Boy leaping into action, and Starfire burning muggers on the street.

Hawk and Dove are also featured in the show as they brutally fight criminals.

The heroes will assemble together to fight a dark entity called the Church of Blood and it is speculated to be led by Raven's father, Trigon.

DC Entertainment head Geoff Johns talked about the darker tone of the show as he told Polygon that the show is all about assembling a group of lost individuals who are struggling with their own personal demons.

Robin struggles to get out of Batman's shadow, while Raven tries to keep her emotions in check and not lose control. Starfire must coup with her exile from homeworld of Tamaran and Beast Boy learns to accept that he is different from normal people.

Jason Todd and Donna Troy joins the show

According to Screen Rant, Johns announced that Jason Todd and Donna Troy will appear in the live-action "Teen Titans" show during their SDCC 2018 panel.

In the comics, Donna Troy is Wonder Woman's sidekick and one of the founding members of Teen Titans alongside Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. Like her mentor, Donna is equipped with her own bracers and the Lasso of Persuasion. She also has several codenames such as Wonder Girl, Troia, Darkstar, and even Wonder Woman.

Jason Todd is the second person to handle the mantle of the Boy Wonder after Dick left Gotham for Bludhaven. He was killed by The Joker and Batman felt responsible for his demise. He was brought back to life and began calling himself Red Hood to fight criminals using lethal and violent tactics.