When Calls the Heart” fans have had many reasons to smile in the past few weeks. To start, Erin Krakow, who portrays expectant mother and teacher, Elizabeth Thornton, on the drama, has been featured in Hallmark’s “Christmas in July” run on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. She has starred in the “Finding Father Christmas” and “Engaging Father Christmas” movies opposite Niall Matter, another “When Calls the Heart” favorite. During the summer rotation of their previous romantic yuletide features, fans were treated to extended preview spots for the upcoming “Marrying Father Christmas,” with Erin Krakow calling the culmination of their television romance based on the Robin Gunn Jones book series “a celebration of love.” The actress describes delight in knowing that fans have gotten to know and love another memorable couple of which she is a part.

The Hallmark Channel movie season begins October 26, and fans already know they can look forward to a new “When Calls the Heart” Christmas movie offering this season. Elizabeth Thornton will be preparing for the birth of her child with her late husband, Jack, in earnest, by the holiday season, most assuredly with the help of her close and connected circle of friends. Among those friends are Lee and Rosemary Coulter, brought vividly to life by stars Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton every Sunday. Those castmates have kept busy this summer with wedding affairs in their “Perfect Bride” movies and providing wedding tips, but now, they have children on their minds for their “When Calls the Heart” characters.

They each had several ideas about how children could become part of this couple’s future during a July 13 interview with International Business Times, and both seem ready for the fun and frenzy that come with the patter of little feet.

Kids keep things fun

Kavan Smith seems to think there can never be too many children in Hope Valley.

He relates, that for two seasons now, he has had the idea of “Kids, I just think it's fun,” for Lee and Rosemary. The actor doesn't have any hard and fast rules about how children come into their lives, but he also has no problem with his TV wife not being the only one in town going to Dr. Carson Shepherd’s office for maternal checkups.

He proposes that she might not need to give birth in Season 6, “but she could be pregnant.” He sees all the possibilities of sharing the “season” of pregnancy “for humor and for warmth and heart,” according to a report by the International Business Times.

Pascale Hutton does not necessarily think that now is the time for Rosemary to be pregnant, but that Season 6 of “When Calls the Heart” might be the perfect time for the couple to have the crucial “conversation” about children, and whether they should start a family or not after about two years of marriage. Hutton sees those topics as relevant for the characters and their many fans, and wants to “explore that and see where it goes.” She also teases that Smith “wants to see me in a fat suit,” so that prejudices his push for a pregnant Rosemary.

Lots more to welcome in Hope Valley

Pascale Hutton wants more than parenthood to fulfill her beloved Rosemary, noting that for years, the character has embarked on many pursuits and projects to fill “the ambitious, creative, performer side of her personality,” but has never truly found the perfect fit. The character always throws her complete passion into all she does, and in Season 5, as a dressmaker, she encouraged another designer who contributed to Elizabeth's exquisite gown more than taking the glory for herself. Lee did offer to build a theater for his wife, and perhaps the coming season will see her reprise some of her starring roles, and draw new visitors to Hope Valley. Hutton asserts that “When Calls the Heart” will be “really fresh and exciting and interesting,” and fans know that the actress can't give everything away.

Fans already know that two handsome newcomers will become part of the community. Chris McNally will portray Lucas Bouchard, a gambling saloon owner who likely will add some mystery and still be won over by the warmth of the community. Kevin McGarry is coming to Hope Valley as Mountie Nathan Grant. His character is described as a “strong, silent type,” who may not say a lot, but who takes his professional responsibilities with great conviction.

Learning and love can come from many different people and places, and sometimes, from the most unlikely sources. Children need all the love, learning, and life experience they can gather in Hope Valley, and Season 6 will have three new arrivals for sure, and maybe more to grow on for the future.