For those who love science fiction, the name Christopher Lloyd is instantly recognizable. Although taking up many roles during his acting career, he is perhaps best known, to most, for his role as Doc Emmett Brown in the fan favorite “Back to the Future” trilogy. The trilogy, being loved by science fiction fans and moviegoers in general, earned Lloyd’s character a cult following.

Although it has been a good while since the release of the third movie from the “Back to the Future” franchise, something has been around to fill that void while drawing heavy influence from the franchise itself.

Many would consider the cult favorite, animated television show “Rick and Morty” a parody of, or homage to, the legendary trilogy, including Lloyd himself.

Do it with style

Anyone who is an ardent fanatic of "Rick and Morty" is aware of Justin Roiland’s garage project “Doc and Mharty”, which culminated into what the show is today. And if it isn’t obvious already, the characters of "Rick and Morty" are not too far-fetched from those of the Doc Emmett Brown and Marty McFly. The similarities between the two cult favorites might account for Christopher Lloyd’s expressed interest in being a part of the show in upcoming seasons, as far as a recent interview with him goes.

"Rick and Morty" is quite famous for its star-studded list of celebrity voice actors, and it would only make sense if Lloyd were to grace this ever growing list with his iconic performance.

Lloyd mentioned in the interview, that he would be very interested to lend his voice to the show, although he has only watched a few episodes of the show.

Whatever he seems to know about the show largely seems to have rubbed on to him due to the show’s sheer popularity. “I think it’s a lot of fun,” Lloyd stated in an interview with the Phoenix News Times.

Upon further questioning as to what role he’d likely be interested to take up, he jokingly mentioned being Rick Sanchez’s father, which would only make more sense as Rick is just a far more twisted culmination of Doc Emmett Brown.

Lloyd also expressed his interest in a Back to the Future sequel, provided if the plot was as true and fetching as the first three movies.

Speaking of the franchise itself, Lloyd mentioned that he has always received positive feedback. Some even went to the extent of celebrating "Back to the Future" as something that “saved them” and helped them get through tough times.

It was meant to be

Owing to the fact that "Rick and Morty" has been renewed for 70 more episodes and is well on its way to becoming syndicated, having Christopher Lloyd on the show for an episode or two doesn’t seem impossible at all. As far as how long we’ll have to wait for all of this to actuate, only time will tell. But it doesn’t seem too far off as far as "Rick and Morty" co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are concerned.