It is "obvious" to Tom Arnold that his ex-wife Roseanne Barr is a racist and he took advantage of all the uproar around Roseanne's infamous tweet to pass this along to the masses. He also suggested that Roseanne needs to get off of Twitter altogether.

According to the Huffington Post, it was during an interview with "Good Morning Britain" that Tom Arnold had some rather disparaging words to share about his ex-wife and the woman who made him famous. He told the audience that it was "obvious" Roseanne is a "racist." and added, "You've got to get her phone away from her."

No love lost here?

It doesn't appear that there's any love lost for Roseanne when it comes to Arnold, despite having the road to fame paved by the woman years ago.

Arnold's snide remarks about his ex-wife stem from ABC pulling the plug on "Roseanne" after Roseanne Barr tweeted an offensive remark on Twitter that was thought to be "racist."

He knew it would happen

Arnold also took the opportunity to tell anyone who was listening that he saw this coming for Roseanne and that this happened despite his attempts to warn everybody. The 59-year-old actor didn't elaborate on just who "everybody" is that he tried to warn.

Roseanne fired Arnold from the original "Roseanne" show back in 1994. His gig as a writer and sometimes actor for the show met its demise at the say-so of Roseanne. Arnold and Barr divorced that same year.

There's the 'R' word again

Arnold pointed out Roseanne's support for Donald Trump to the folks on "Good Morning Britain" and he also described the president as a "racist" as well.

He also said that he can agree that Roseanne is a racist. He based this on her buying into conspiracy theories about Democrats coupled with her social media tweets.

Mental illness issues?

While Arnold says he doesn't know exactly what is going on with Barr today, he believes it originated from her mental illness issues. He told the audience how Roseanne suffered from multiple personality disorder, which is called dissociative identity disorder today.

According to People Magazine, Arnold offered some more thoughts on Roseanne just a few days ago. He believes that Roseanne actually wanted the cancellation of the show and she made it happen. He claims she was ready to end the show after just one season of the reboot.

She wanted this, according to Arnold

He also said that if the show wasn't canceled the new season would have been just miserable for everyone.

He said it would have been just like the old days. Arnold claims ABC lost maybe $1 billion after canceling "Roseanne" and this is all because someone didn't say "get that phone out of her hand." He also told CNN on Wednesday night that ABC's failure to monitor Roseanne cost them a lot of money with the cancelation of the show.