"Star Wars" franchise fans had some new hope coming in terms of speculation that Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige might be taking over at Lucasfilm. However, that was merely people chattering online and a new report by Deadline is now saying we should not expect Feige to take over from Kathleen Kennedy. While that may prompt groans from some fans, others may welcome the news as the franchise continues to move in new directions.

'Changing of the guard' rumors

The newest installments in the "Star Wars" franchise have been met with mixed reviews from longtime fans and newer viewers.

There was plenty of excitement and buzz when JJ Abrams brought "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" to theaters. Unfortunately, there were plenty of critics who disliked the fact that it felt like a ripoff of the original "Star Wars" movie. Some felt it was simply "fan service" by having a few throwback characters and items in the film while trying to introduce new characters and the story to newer viewers.

With the standalone movie "Rogue One," plenty of fans were happy to see that a particular story in the "Star Wars" lore was handled in the fashion it was. That had hope back again. Unfortunately, that hope was dashed with "The Last Jedi" and "Solo: A Star Wars Story." While neither received rotten ratings through review sites like Rotten Tomatoes, there are plenty of comments out there indicating that fans weren't pleased with the films.

Of these Movies, "Solo" has seen the worst performance at the box office so far, and many believe it's due to fans disliking "Last Jedi" so much. According to a Screenrant report, the film is expected to lose $50 million.

That's the first new "Star Wars" movie to do that at the box office.

That's where the rumors kicked in, as industry newsletter Ankler, had said a "September changing of the guards" might be in the works to try to reinvigorate the movies. That pointed at a potential move to replace Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm. However, Deadline and other sources have debunked the rumors.

Feige won't be taking over

The man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe won't be taking over for Kathleen Kennedy as the Lucasfilm president. There had been some previous talk that Kevin Feige would be perfect for the job based on his resume. The glowing example is how well he and the others at Marvel Studios planned out the entire run of Avengers and MCU films.

In Deadline's new report, they talk of how DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns is stepping down. While Johns will work on existing DC films, he'll move towards a Warner Bros. first-look production deal and write projects for Mad Ghost Productions. That news prompted mention of Kevin Feige, who has shown himself to be "in a league of his own" in terms of blockbuster films.

Nonetheless, they knock down the notion that Feige is going to replace Kennedy at Lucasfilm. So he'll continue in his current role and help bring forth the Marvel movies loyal fans have come to love. That leaves "Star Wars" still up in the air, although the future could be bright.

New hope for 'Star Wars' movies?

There are a few new "Star Wars" films that still have a shot at saving some face. JJ Abrams is coming back to finish out the current trilogy with the still-untitled "Episode IX" movie for 2019. There's also a spinoff film planned for the future that involves an exploration of the character Boba Fett, the bounty hunter who notoriously tracked down Han Solo for Jabba the Hut.

There are also some rumors still floating around about an Obi-Wan Kenobi film as well.

In addition to that, writer/director Rian Johnson has been given the reigns on a new trilogy of his own. That may be good news for some fans who thought "The Last Jedi" was a fresh change in terms of the ways the movies have tended to go. It could also give all those viewers who disliked the "Episode VIII" film the incentive to boycott an entire trilogy. Still, trailers, buzz, and the word of mouth of others can always help bring those fans back around, if the finished products are worthy of seeing.