With the amount of backlash that "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" received from longtime fans, there now appears to be a new effort to restore hope to the franchise. The "Jedi" movie didn't do terribly in terms of critics' reviews or box office returns. However, many of the faithful fans who followed Luke Skywalker's journey from the first "Star Wars" movie released in 1977 were disappointed. That disappointment has one group out there apparently dedicated to remaking what they believe was a tragedy within the "Star Wars" universe.

Remake 'The Last Jedi' effort

As ComicBook website reported on Thursday, there is a group of former "Star Wars" fans that have assembled to remake the eighth installment in the series. The group not only claims they will remake their own version of the film but also have indicated they can cover the production costs to do so. A report from Movie Web says that "Last Jedi" had a budget of $200 million.

A website for the effort at RemakeTheLastJedi.com explains the vision behind the project. Basically, the person or people behind the effort are saying they want to correct the wrongs against the "Star Wars" franchise. Their website even displays a "Total Pledged" section which was showing that over $40 million has been pledged towards the project as of this report.

In addition to that, there is a "Remake 'The Last Jedi'" Twitter account that was started up online. It has several tweets including one that asks other fans for their help in the effort. The tweet suggests that fans spread the word to Disney as well as the current Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger.

So far, that tweet from Wednesday (June 20) has amassed over 5,000 Likes and over 6,000 comments.

Among the commenters is actor, writer, and producer Seth Rogen. The star of films like "Knocked Up," "Neighbors," and "Steve Jobs" sent several tweets to the account asking how this effort is supposed to work.

In particular, Rogen questioned if they already had investors for the remake project without a script, director, stars or legal permission to do so.

The Twitter account seemed unable to provide a viable response other than they were doing a good job of getting people's attention for their cause. The mentioned they would need a meeting with Disney, which they felt they'd get by getting Disney's attention.

Attention & skepticism achieved

It's no secret that there were fans that were highly disappointed in the "Star Wars VIII" movie that Rian Johnson brought out in 2017. However, it still managed to make a pretty penny at the box office. This was based on the fact that the film before it, JJ Abrams' "The Force Awakens" was able to awaken people's excitement for a new "Star Wars" series. Bringing back familiar faces from the past such as Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker helped with the effort.

However, there are many people who felt "The Last Jedi" director took a lot of the ideas that were put in place in Abrams' film and simply dismissed them to make his own sci-fi movie. In addition, the treatment of how Jedi's operate and Luke Skywalker was frowned upon by longtime fans. Some fans felt it was refreshing, while others felt it was a complete disservice to the entire "Star Wars" history.

With that said, there's enough hostility out there towards the movie that someone or some group claiming they will remake a better film would get noticed.

However, one should be careful in terms of trusting in such an effort, as it would mean Disney would have to approve of remaking their multi-million dollar "Star Wars" movie. That's probably never going to happen, but it's wishful thinking from those who believe they can control the "force" to remake the movie.