"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" producers may shake things up for Season 9 by bringing back Brandi Glanville, according to a Reality Blurb report from June 20. Should Bravo make such a move, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fans can expect some major drama in the upcoming season. It is no secret to reality television fans that Brandi Glanville stirred up a lot of trouble for the housewives during the early seasons.

Brandi Glanville's return could be just the ticket to boost ratings for Bravo

That trouble also cost Glanville a lot of friendships on the series -- Lisa Vanderpump in particular.

Due to Glanville and Vanderpump's falling out on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Vanderpump swore that under no circumstances would she ever become friends with Glanville again. Lisa Vanderpump told E!’s "Daily Pop" in 2017 that she would never reconcile with Brandi, which is one of the reasons Brandi hasn’t been brought back to "RHOBH" already, according to Andy Cohen in March.

Erika Jayne and Brandi Glanville friends or enemies

If the speculation holds true, then, this could mean that Lisa Vanderpump may decide to walk away from the popular Bravo reality series. "RHOBH" fans agree that Season 8 was one of the tamest seasons yet. The drama between Teddi Melloncamp and Dorit Kemsley was mediocre, to say the least.

Even with the constant harsh and catty attitude that Erika Jayne brought to the series, it still failed to grab viewers attention for very long.

"RHOBH" fans are not huge fans of Brandi Glanville. However, they still have to admit she did provide a lot of interesting conflicts between the wives. Many fans believe that Glanville's return could lead to Vanderpump's exit from the series.

In a June 20 report from allaboutthetruth.com, they claim a source close to the situation stated Lisa Vanderpump "will have a fit" at the mere mention of Brandi Glanville's return. In fact, they believe that Vanderpump would walk away from the show herself, before working with Glanville again.

As for Brandi Glanville, she is not confirming, nor denying the rumors either way.

Season 9 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is set to begin filming in July, meaning, that fans will not have to wait too long before finding out if the rumors are true.

If Brandi Glanville does return it is believed that the chemistry between herself and Erika Jayne will work one of two ways. One of the two women will take an instant liking to each other and become inseparable friends, or they will become enemies, opening up a lot of new drama and chaos. Some feel that Dorit Kemsley, as much as she enjoys a good argument most likely will not be much of a challenge for Glanville. Lisa Rinna, however, could make things very difficult for Glanville, and, would likely enjoy every moment.

As for Kyle Richards, should Vanderpump exit the show, she will be left to shoulder the referee duties.

Richards is not afraid to defend herself or call out the others if need be -- but prefers to avoid conflict if possible. She would be the most likely candidate to step in an attempt to keep the peace as much as possible. For now, the Brandi Glanville's return to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is just speculative talk. But, you can bet fans are certainly going to be keeping a close eye on this potential news.